Learning Styles in Training Development: Truth or Myth?


I’m a visual learner—that’s what some eLearning professionals would say—because I prefer memorizing from an outline rather than a lecture alone, or reading about a new topic instead of listening to a podcast about it. But how significant really is my “learning style” (visual vs. auditory vs. kinesthetic) in the learning and development community? Many…

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The Best of eLearning in August 2015


August is a bittersweet month. It’s my birthday month, which is great (for me, anyway), but it also signals the end of summer, which is not so great. However, it’s been a pretty lively month here at Trivantis. Those of you who are subscribed to our monthly eNewsletter know that we launched the beta of…

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Is It Time To Kill the Kirkpatrick Model?


The Kirkpatrick Model for training evaluation is kind of like Old Faithful. It’s been around since the 1950s and provides an easy to understand framework for evaluating your training program. Here is the model as described by the Kirkpatrick Partners: But is the Kirkpatrick Model still valid? In a recent #chat2lrn Twitter chat, Donald Clark…

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Thursday’s Trending Topic: eLearning for All Generations


I read an interesting article recently (linked below), which declared that Generation Y hates mLearning and doesn’t want to use it. Some of the reasons quoted included “Why should I use a mobile phone for learning when I can use my computer? Why should I learn from a small, hard to navigate screen when I can…

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Your eLearning is Boring—Add a Scenario


I’m your learner, and I’m bored. I didn’t read the last three pages of text about lab safety procedures. As soon as the “Next” button appeared, I clicked it. By the way, did you really think I only needed one second to read each paragraph? You probably should have programmed the “Next” button to take…

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Why You Need to Sign Up for Video Training Courses


Trivantis recently added another Lectora® training option for our users: video training. You can now purchase on-demand video training courses for Lectora Fundamentals and Lectora Intermediate in the Trivantis shop. That means you can access training videos from our Lectora eLearning experts anywhere, anytime! Why video training? With Lectora video training courses, you can learn…

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Why the Experience API (xAPI) Is Crucial to Your eLearning Success


The Experience API (xAPI) is an updated standard for tracking eLearning; it shows a more complete picture of your learners’ activity than SCORM does. xAPI was created by Rustici Software to replace SCORM (an earlier set of technical standards for eLearning software products). Let’s talk about the background of SCORM and xAPI for a minute.…

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7 Tips to Streamline Translations


The translation process can make your head spin. From finding someone who can translate content to making sure your training material is ready for deployment, there are a dizzying number of steps that can slow down the process. Add in the inability to read or edit incoming content, and you have a logistical nightmare. But…

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Free Download: Lectora Puzzle Interaction


Need an engaging way to introduce new content to your learners? One that will get their brains thinking… and not snoozing? Instead of presenting introductory information (text, a graph, or photo) on a plain course slide, try this idea in the Trivantis Community. Add these drag and drop puzzle interactions to your Lectora® eLearning course,…

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Define Your eLearning Style with Capsule Fonts


There is a fashion trend sweeping the internet right now. Yes, I said fashion trend. Don’t worry, this is still the Everything eLearning Blog. We have not changed it to the Everything Stephanie and Christie Wear Blog. Yet. Fashion bloggers, business professionals, stay-at-home moms, and more are all embracing the Capsule Wardrobe Movement. I embraced…

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