Lectora Advanced: Creating a Student Notes Feature


Want to increase the interaction between your learners and your course material? Taking notes has long been considered a way to increase engagement and retention. What if your course included a feature that enabled learners to take notes directly inside the course and then print them out later? Open up Lectora® and follow the easy step-by-step instructions below (or steal…

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The Best of eLearning in January 2016


It’s an election year here in the United States, and the campaign trail is heating up. In the spirit of democracy, I’ve created an eLearning ballot for this month’s Best of eLearning. There are two categories—Best Blog Series and Best News. Take a look at the candidates for each and leave a comment sharing which…

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Lectora Basics: How to Use the Resource Manager


In the last blog, we covered the Variable Manager in Lectora®. Now we will talk about the other important management tool, the Resource Manager. This is also found in the Manage group of the Tools ribbon right next to the Variable Manager. The Resource Manager As the name implies, the Resource Manager is used to manage…

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How to Use Lectora to Create Accessible Courses


Creating accessible courses in Lectora® isn’t hard to do. In fact, with the many built-in features, options, and tools, it’s a straightforward process. The key is to keep accessibility in mind from the start as you design and develop your title. This will save you significant time in the end and prevent you from having…

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