Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: Future


We’re bringing back the Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic blog series, so today we’re going to talk about the future—a popular topic not only in the eLearning industry, but also in the whole world. For example, right now I have a poster in my office at Trivantis (from our recent “Find the Future” themed user conference)…

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Where Is mLearning Going?


It’s a multi-device world out there. We all know it. More than 60% of online adults in the US and the UK use at least two devices every day. How many devices have you used today? So far I’ve used my personal cell phone and my work computer, and it’s not even noon. Alaska Air…

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Fab Freebies for the Win


Did you know that each month we share a free download—the Fab Freebie—in our monthly Trivantis eNewsletter? Yup, that’s right—we give away a FREE download every month! It’s pretty awesome. Here are the two most recent Fab Freebies: Seamless Repeating Slideshow For the July Fab Freebie, we built a seamless repeating slideshow using images from…

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eLearning Lesson: Custom Reports Made Easy


Last month, we decided to switch up our Inspiration Wednesday webinars a bit and show you how to make the most of CourseMill®, the learning management system from Trivantis. Lectora® authoring tool and CourseMill are pretty much a match made in heaven, and we recently added on a feature called CourseMill Advanced Reports that lets…

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Free Download: Lectora Interaction


Need to create a scenario in your Lectora® eLearning course? The Trivantis Team is here to help! Wendy Miller created a character dialogue interaction with two characters that you can download to use in your own course. In this scenario, the learner must choose the correct response to each situation his coworker addresses. Download this…

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LUC Recap: Multimedia Localization for eLearning Content


At this year’s Lectora® User Conference in Nashville, Marlon Oneid (YouAchieve) and Richard Sikes (Text&Form) talked about using multimedia localization to address the global world that we live in. Take a look at a few highlights from this awesome breakout session: Multimedia localization is the adaption of digital multimedia content, such as image films, product…

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LUC 2015 Recap: Creating a Better Mobile Experience


As mLearning gets more and more popular, businesses are looking to ensure that they’re not just creating mLearning…they’re creating GREAT mLearning. Colleen Liley of Alaska Air joined us at the 2015 Lectora® User Conference to share some of her tips on creating a better a mobile learning experience. Colleen explained why she enjoys working with…

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LUC 2015 Recap: Status Indicators Can Do That?


Tanya Seidel, VP of Strategic Development at Artisan e-Learning gave a fantastic presentation on status indicators at the 2015 Lectora® User Conference in Nashville. Status indicators are a fairly new addiction to Lectora; they save eLearning developers a ton of time by automatically tracking completion status. The team at Artisan e-Learning likes status indicators and…

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How to Turn Classroom Training into an Engaging Online Course


Problem: You have classroom training that you’ve been asked to turn into an online course—and make it just as engaging as that face-to-face training. Solution: The benefit of eLearning is that you can create interactive online training that’s MORE engaging than that outdated, boring classroom course. eLearning allows you to add interactions like quizzes and…

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Lectora Tips from eLearning Expert Joe Ganci


Joe Ganci—known in our industry as eLearning Joe—joined us at the 2015 Lectora® User Conference in Nashville this year. In his session for Lectora newbies, Joe shared his favorite tips and tricks for using Lectora based on a recent Lectora® Publisher project he did, including ways to make the development process easier and more efficient.…

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