The Ultimate Rapid e-Learning Checklist

Before you finalize your rapid e-Learning courses, run through a quick checklist to guarantee that you included all necessary items and completed all processes for a successful online course. It’s easy to forget minor details or miss small edits; this checklist will hopefully help you avoid mistakes and catch any issues.


  • Establish goals you want the course to accomplish for your learners
  • Identify key points for the course
  • Create the structure or use an instructional design model
  • Write or obtain the learning materials based off course goals
  • Have text professionally translated if needed
  • Find all media and elements for your course
  • Record any audio or video you plan to create yourself
  • Storyboard or outline course
  • Set up the technologies and programs needed to complete the course
  • Make sure learners have access to these technologies

Course Creation

  • Find the best rapid e-Learning software for your needs and your course
  • Add your text, images, audio, video, Web windows, Flash animations, YouTube videos games, etc.
  • Sync any media to text, video, slides, animations, etc.
  • Insert any course transitions
  • Include additional helpful resources for further learning
  • Enable social learning with links to discussion boards, chats, forums, etc.
  • Assess knowledge and/or check learner progress through the course with quizzes and knowledge checks
Preview & Edit Ask the following questions about your e-Learning course to guarantee accuracy and efficiency. It may be best to have someone with “fresh eyes” look at the course for an objective point of view.
  • Does the course flow logically?
  • Is the terminology appropriate for the skill and experience level of the learners?
  • Is all text accurate, in the correct format and free of typos?
  • Are all text, objects and media an optimal font size and color for easy viewing?
  • Does the course maintain consistent color, style, imagery, language, etc.?
  • Does the course have all the necessary elements to meet the goals of the training established during planning?
Publish & Test – It may be best to have multiple testers to guarantee functionality.
  • Publish and test all functionality using the same technologies and programs your learners will use (LMS, Web browsers, CD, etc.)
  • Ensure the technologies are not too difficult for learners to use with their technological experience in mind
  • Check all buttons and hyperlinks for functionality
  • Make sure course navigation works properly
  • Check that your audio, video, etc. is synced properly
  • Test Flash animations, video, audio, Web windows and all other media for functionality


  • Secure approval from all appropriate team members and parties involved in the e‑Learning course creation and delivery
  • Use free online course review tools such as Snap! Live or ReviewLink™ for easy review with your team.
  • Snap! by Lectora® users: Use Snap! Live (under the Publish options) to host your rapid e-Learning course for review. Snap! Live creates a unique URL to send to all team members that contains your entire, fully functional Snap! by Lectora course.
  • Lectora® users: Use ReviewLink to publish Lectora courses directly to the cloud to easily gather comments and feedback.
Do you have items you’d like to add to the rapid e-Learning checklist? Post your items in the comment section below and the checklist will update shortly!
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