eLearning 101

How to Avoid Instructional Design Mistakes That Kill Engagement

Today, we’re sharing an excerpt from our most recent eBook, 5 eLearning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. This free eBook is adapted from original content by Joe Ganci of eLearningJoe. Here’s one way from the eBook that Joe recommends to avoid instructional design mistakes—especially those mistakes that kill learner engagement. Be Efficient With Rapid…

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Can I Get an eLearning Badge for That?

Today, we’re interviewing Trivantis® Community Manager, Jennie Valley, on the newest addition to the Community—badges! As you know, this feature recently made its first appearance in the Community. Many members immediately began earning badges. (I definitely did.) Jennie stopped by the Everything eLearning Blog Headquarters and gave us the inside scoop on badges. Here we…

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4 Interactivity Levels for Game and Multimedia eLearning Design

Studies show that interactivity adds a level of engagement and interest in a course. There are four engagement levels that you should know: passive, limited, moderate, and simulation. These levels are based on game and multimedia design and can help guide the overall development of a course. 1. Passive Passive interactivity refers to the general…

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