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Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: Interactive Courses

Thursday's Trending eLearning Topic: Interactive Courses

Our customers have been creating exceptional, interactive courses for years, and today for Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic, I’d like to share a few of those with you. Recently, I was able to chat with eLearning developers at a few different organizations who are using Lectora® to bring life to their mandatory training courses. Here are a…

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Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: LUC 2017

Thursday's Trending eLearning Topic: LUC 2017

We’re hearing a lot of excitement from our customers about the 2017 Lectora® User Conference. So for today’s Trending Topic, we decided to round up everything you need to know to get ready for LUC 2017, including some helpful articles with restaurant and entertainment recommendations for your stay in Cincinnati. Who can attend: Lectora, CourseMill®,…

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Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: Gamification

Thursday's Trending eLearning Topic: Gamification

A few weeks ago, we had a fantastic webinar with Karl Kapp, Professor of Instructional Technology and author of the bestselling book The Gamification of Learning and Instruction. Called “How to Think Like a Game Designer: Pro Tips for eLearning,” the webinar showed attendees how a game designer would approach eLearning instruction—as opposed to an…

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Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: Accessibility

Let’s talk Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 standards. Even if your eLearning isn’t required to comply with these specific guidelines, accessibility is an important topic. Plus, as Learning Solutions Magazine writer Pamela Hogle points out in a recent article, accessibility can make the learning experience better for everyone; for example, people who wear glasses shouldn’t…

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Thursday’s Trending Topics: Instructional Design

When Trivantis® Community Manager Jennifer Valley shared her #InstructionalDesignProblems with us, we got to thinking. Instructional design is essentially one huge trending topic. So from How to Solve 3 Instructional Design Problems to free eBooks and more, here are some great ID resources for you! And a “doge” meme to remind you that eLearning doesn’t…

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