Lectora University – Sample Courses

Let's Cook

This sample e-Learning course showcases the many features and objects Lectora Inspire offers. It includes embedded and streaming audio and video, animations, custom buttons, web windows, social objects and all twelve of Lectora’s interactive question types. It also utilizes the powerful suite of actions and variables available with Lectora to create a highly interactive and engaging e-Learning experience.

File Size: 63.9 MB

Survival Skills

This sample e-Learning course uses the Lectora Inspire tools—Camtasia, Flypaper, and SnagIt—to create an interactive and informative title containing images, buttons, media, attached documents and an assessment.

File Size: 47.6 MB

Intro to Boating Safety Course

This sample title contains a number of interactivity examples, a graded assessment and various types of media such as images, audio, video and Flash animations. The sample includes all source files for download.

File Size: 12.1 MB

Top 5 Beaches Course

This sample e-Learning course contains examples of tests, buttons, menus, rollovers and more. The sample includes the completed title as well as a comprehensive tutorial to help you recreate this course.

File Size: 135 MB

Intro to Gaming Course

Reinforcing and evaluating learning through game playing is a technique we've used since we were children. And, simply put, games can make learning more fun! In this sample course, you'll learn several methods to create games, including using Lectora's built-in Flash games as well as building your own, custom games using actions and variables. Download—the source Lectora zip is available in the wetransfer package.

File Size: 2.9 MB