CourseMill LMS FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions about CourseMill Learning Management System (LMS)

What is CourseMill?

CourseMill is a web-based learning management system (LMS) used to host e-Learning content, track student completion of courses and provide access to course catalogs, course details and course reporting.

Can Lectora publish to CourseMill?

Yes. You can use Lectora to publish your titles directly to CourseMill. CourseMill can support titles published directly to CourseMill, to AICC, and SCORM 1.2.

Can I host non-Lectora-generated content within CourseMill?

Yes. e-Learning content published from any application to the AICC or SCORM 1.2 standards can be hosted within CourseMill. In addition you can upload PPT, Word, Excel, PDF, mp3, mp4 or over one hundred other file types depending on your business requirements.

What languages does CourseMill support?

The multi-language version of CourseMill supports English, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Magyar (Hungarian).

Are academic and military discounts available?

Absolutely! Trivantis is proud to support academic and military organizations with the best eLearning software on the market. Contact Contact Jen at 513.852.7993 to access special savings.

Does CourseMill support m-Learning?

Yes! Take your training on the go with CourseMill LMS. For a complete m-Learning solution, ask your account representative about using CourseMill LMS and CourseMill Mobile together.

Does CourseMill support single sign-on?

Yes. CourseMill can be configured to support single sign-on with the use of Microsoft Active Directory optionally in combination with SAML2 or use of a CourseMill API

Can I provide my course catalog from CourseMill?

Yes. You can specify whether courses are available within a course catalog, whether courses must be approved by a manager before a student is enrolled and whether courses are automatically assigned to a student or group of students.

Can courses have prerequisites?

Yes. One course can be a prerequisite of another. If a student is registered for a course with a prerequisite, he or she will not be able to access the course until the prerequisite course has been successfully completed.

Does CourseMill support curriculums?

Yes. You can group a set of courses into a curriculum. When a student is registered for a curriculum, he or she is automatically registered for all of the courses within the curriculum.

Can I track instructor-led training within CourseMill?

Yes. CourseMill supports a student gradebook that can be accessed by instructors for manually tracking the completion of instructor-led training.

Can I customize the CourseMill interface?

Yes. Trivantis provides customization at various levels. Options include the addition of a logo and branded colors, alteration of the page layout (tabs, buttons, etc.) and the creation of a custom News page. Contact your account representative for more information.

What kind of reporting capabilities does CourseMill have?

CourseMill provides a number of predefined reports that enable you to generate course-specific reports, user-specific reports, transcripts, grade reports and more. New in CourseMill LMS V7 is the Advanced Reports feature that lets you customize and combine learner data from multiple sources. It’s easy—just drag and drop to easily create charts and graphs. You can specify filter parameters and performance indicators, plus see underlying data source details instantly. Reports can be generated manually or can be scheduled to run weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Can CourseMill support the use of a shopping cart?

Yes. CourseMill supports the integration of a shopping cart that enables students to purchase courses from within a course catalog. You can configure credit card processing to use PayPal, PayTrace or Payflow Pro. You can even establish discount codes to provide specific dollar or percentage discounts that can be applied during the checkout process.

How do I get all of my users into the CourseMill system?

CourseMill supports manual entry by an admin, self-registration, bulk upload, API, and Single Sign-On using Active Directory, or a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider. The bulk upload uses a .csv or .txt file format and can be done manually within the interface or via application integration.

Can CourseMill be used as an email client?

Yes. You can configure CourseMill to use internal or external email. When internal email is used, CourseMill will serve as an email client, and users must log in to CourseMill to send and receive messages. When external email is used, each user account is associated with an existing email address, and messages generated by and sent from the CourseMill system will be delivered to the recipients’ existing email addresses.

Can I control communication capabilities within CourseMill?

Yes. You can control which students communicate with one another and how they can communicate. You can limit communication capabilities to the students within a specific session of a course, to all students enrolled in a course or extend them to all students registered within the organization. Communication options include chat and IM capabilities, discussion boards and email.

Can CourseMill send automatic notifications?

Yes. CourseMill has 24 different types of automatic notifications that are delivered as emails. A few examples are notifications when a student is enrolled in or removed from a course, upon completion of a course, when added to or removed from a wait list, reminders of start or end date of a course, forgotten passwords, etc. They can be configured as text or HTML and can be sent any number of days before or after an event.

Who hosts the CourseMill system?

Whether hosted by Trivantis or behind your own firewall, CourseMill provides extensive LMS functionality to your user. By letting Trivantis host your CourseMill solution, we will ensure your system is kept up to date and is backed up daily based on your selection. Should you choose to install CourseMill behind your own firewall, Trivantis Support personnel will assist with both initial installation and annual maintenance software releases.

Can CourseMill users serve in more than one role?

Yes. Both a reporter and an instructor can log in with one unique user ID and toggle their view between the student interface and/or the administrative interface. This way they can accomplish their administrative duties and their student activities all in one session.

What types of user access are available within CourseMill?

There are 8 types of roles in which users of CourseMill can serve. Below is a brief summary of the user roles and their permissions within CourseMill:

  • Global Administrator—Has full control over the entire system and can make changes as necessary.
  • Organization Administrator—Has full control over the organization to which he or she is assigned.
  • Group Administrator - Has full control of the users within his/her assigned group(s) as well as courses/curricula.
  • Course Instructor—Has control over all course information and contents that pertain to the course to which he or she has been assigned as the instructor. Also has access to reports. Can have additional access/capabilities when given permission to do so.
  • Session Instructor—Has control over session settings for a course to which he or she has been assigned as the instructor. Also has access to reports. Can have additional access/capabilities when given permission to do so.
  • Reporter/Manager—Can view all students within his/her reporting structure and can access various reports. Can have additional access/capabilities when given permission to do so.
  • Student—Can complete the courses to which he or she has been enrolled, view transcripts and access course catalogs and information.
  • Guest—Can log in as a student but no information is tracked on what the guest views..