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On-demand Learning Management and Sharing


There’s No Need to Call IT

You can easily get set up in minutes with this do-it-yourself, on-demand learning platform. Plus, we’ll host your courses, videos, documents and presentations for you. There’s no lengthy installation, no start-up fee and no hassles! Enjoy immediate e-Learning deployment with CourseMill Wave. Read the FAQ for more information.



Sharing content is easy and fast. Whether you want to build informal learning at your organization or you need a quick way to share documents with your clients, CourseMill Wave is your solution.



Get the total picture—see content ratings and views together! You can see which content is popular and how often people are viewing it. This tells the whole story on user engagement with your content.



Find full-featured reports for content status, views, ratings, questions and your guestbook all in one place. CourseMill Wave makes it easy to view your reports in engaging graphs, charts and tables.


Build a community.

Engage your learners and create a social community at your organization. CourseMill Wave is a fast way to share informal content publicly or privately, like video, Web-based content and more, along with formal AICC/SCORM e-Learning content. View tech specs.

Social sharing with just one click.

Promote your content on popular social networking sites with the click of a button. This social LMS makes it a breeze to share content with anyone on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer and Email. View all features.


Yes, you can afford it.

Enjoy the flexibility to pay for CourseMill Wave on a monthly basis and to use as much or as little as you like—it’s that easy! You’ll get everything you need without the hefty cost.

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