Lectora Inspire: FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions about Lectora Inspire.

What do I need to install to run Lectora?

Be sure you meet the following minimum system requirements before installing Lectora: 

  • Intel or AMD class processor
  • 500MB free RAM
  • 1.1GB free hard disk space for the application
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP1 (required to install Camtasia Studio)
  • A monitor with a minimum resolution of 1024x768
What languages does Lectora support?

Lectora is available in seven languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Brazilian Portuguese
Do I need to be an eLearning expert to use Lectora?

Lectora is for everyone—from beginners to experts. A new user can easily develop quality eLearning content, while experienced developers get the power to build more customized, creative courses. We also offer many resources to help you get started.

Is Lectora an HTML editor?

No. Lectora is not an HTML editor. Lectora is a WYSWIG (what you see is what you get) application that enables you to drag-and-drop items into your title, reposition and resize them using your mouse, add and format textual content, and create interactivity using the Lectora interface. No programming is required. If you publish your content to a Web-based format, Lectora will create the appropriate HTML code that can be interpreted by Web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, and Apple Safari. However, you can add custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code to your Lectora title if you want.

Can I create WCAG/Section 508-compliant content using Lectora?

Yes. If you intend to publish your content to the Web, you can use Lectora to create content that complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act that applies to Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications (1194.22). Lectora’s integrated 508 Checker will help you identify objects within your title that must meet specific requirements in order to comply. Lectora also meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA requirements. Visit our Accessibility Support page for more information.

Can I use Lectora with Microsoft PowerPoint?

You can import PowerPoint 2007 and newer presentations in two ways: importing an entire presentation to create a new course, or selecting to import individual pages from a presentation as new pages in an existing course. Lectora will convert text, objects, and animations into their equivalent text blocks, objects, and transitions in Lectora.

For details about importing PowerPoint presentations, visit Importing Microsoft PowerPoint Content into Lectora.

What do I get in Lectora Inspire?

Lectora Inspire eLearning software includes the award-winning Lectora authoring tool, along with additional applications for creating and editing multimedia. Lectora Inspire is an all-inclusive suite of tools that will enable you to create and assemble sophisticated and engaging eLearning content. With Lectora Inspire, you get:

Lectora: The award-winning eLearning content creation tool that enables you to add and arrange textual content, Flash animations, images, audio, and video within a single eLearning module. Add test questions, surveys and extensive interactivity, and you’ve got engaging content that can be published to the SCORM/AICC standard for integration into a learning management system (LMS).

Audio Recorder and Editor: Record voiceovers using a microphone and insert them into your Lectora projects. Edit existing audio files and synchronize audio playback with events that occur within your Lectora project.

BranchTrack for Lectora: Easily create, import, and edit engaging scenario-based exercises using the BranchTrack application. Fully integrated with Lectora, the learner's selections (path) during an exercise are tracked and a score is calculated. Use this information to control other elements within your title.

Camtasia for Lectora: Create screen recordings as you’re working with applications on your computer. You can also capture talking head video using your computer’s video camera. Combine the two, add synchronized audio, zoom/pan effects, and seamless transitions to produce a professional demonstration of an application. Insert your recordings into your Lectora projects to deliver robust eLearning content.

eLearning Brothers Lectora Template Library, Cutout People and Interaction Builder: You can access these amazing tools right in the Lectora interface. Use games, interactions, scenarios, navigation players, and course starters all built in Lectora. Access the Lectora file directly from your Media Library and start building awesome courses today. Plus, choose from thousands of professionally cutout characters to give your eLearning personality.

Snagit for Lectora: Easily create and edit screen captures of your desktop, specific applications or portions of your screen. Add callouts, highlights, colors, and more, and insert the images directly into your Lectora projects.

Video Recorder and Editor: Create MP4 videos using your laptop or PC’s video camera and insert them into your Lectora projects.  Edit existing video files and synchronize video playback with events that occur within your Lectora project.

ReviewLink: This online collaboration and review tool makes it easy to share and review the course you’re working on with everyone on your team. You can publish your course right from Lectora to the cloud and get the valuable feedback you need to make your course a success!


Am I getting the full Camtasia and Snagit products in the Lectora Inspire bundle?

Camtasia for Lectora and Snagit for Lectora are specifically tailored to create content that integrates seamlessly into your Lectora titles. Upgrade to the full-featured products at any time.

How do I get my Camtasia or Snagit files into Lectora?

When you create a new recording using Camtasia, you will need to produce the screen recording to video.  Drag and drop the produced MP4 file directly into your title. You can also drag your saved Snagit images from your Windows Explorer folder right onto your Lectora page.

Can I use Lectora to edit my media?

Yes. With Lectora Inspire you can access the audio, video and image editors--including Snagit and Camtasia--from the Tools ribbon to create and edit media. Additionally, click the Edit button, when available, within an object’s Properties ribbon to launch the corresponding editor. When you save your changes, the object will automatically be updated within your title.

Can I use Camtasia or Snagit files to create media files for use outside Lectora Inspire?

Absolutely! Camtasia and Snagit are separate applications and can be launched from inside of Lectora or from your computer’s Start menu. They’re your tools to use, however you want.

Can I share media using Lectora?

Yes. When you install Lectora, a media library is installed to the Program Data directory. The media library contains stock images, Character images, Status Indicator images, configurable animations, and more. This media library can be relocated to a network drive or shared folder accessible by other Lectora users. Each user who wants to access the media library must specify the new location of the media library within his or her Lectora preferences. Media added to the media library in this location will be accessible by any Lectora users that have access to the location and have specified its location within their Lectora preferences.

You can also share media and other objects--including entire pages, sections, or chapters--by saving them as Library Objects. Library Objects can be accessed in the Media Library and shared through email and other transfer methods.

What kind of published formats are supported?

Titles you create with Lectora can be published to the HTML for distribution on the web or mobile devices; to an AICC, SCORM, or xAPI-compliant learning management system (SCORM 2004, 1.2, and earlier are supported); or for offline use. Titles that include tests and questions that are published to a learning management system (LMS) will automatically send test results to the LMS.

What kind of media can I add to my Lectora titles and how do I add them?

Lectora supports nearly all types of digital image, audio and video formats, flash animations (.swf), and rich text and text documents (.rtf, .txt). These types of files can be dragged and dropped directly from your computer’s files into the Lectora workspace.

Can I publish content and media to mobile or tablet devices?

Yes. Lectora includes HTML5 media support, which enables media to be viewed on mobile and tablet devices. You can also customize the appearance of your title specific to the type of device and orientation using Lectora’s Responsive Course Design feature (RCD).

What is Responsive Course Design (RCD)?

RCD allows you to design and build your title for viewing on your audience's primary device (typically a desktop), and Lectora will automatically rescale objects to fit on tablets and smartphones in both landscape and portrait orientations. Make customizations to any object to further ensure your title looks and functions perfectly on all devices.

Where can I go to learn more about using Lectora?

Lectora Information Center: Lectora’s integrated help system is a comprehensive guide about all that you can do within Lectora. From Lectora, select Contents from the Help menu to access the Lectora Information Center and view information by topic or search for information by keyword. The Information Center is also accessible online.

Training: Lectora offers several training classes—both instructor-led and online—that provide you with the skills you need to quickly become a Lectora wizard.

Trivantis Community: You can join the Trivantis Community and search the various forums for answers to your questions. The Community is visited regularly by Lectora users around the globe, and posts are frequently answered within a short time period.

How do I get technical support?

You can purchase annual Lectora support for a minimal fee. If you do not already have technical support, contact your Lectora account representative to purchase. You can contact the technical support team at http://trivantis.com/contact-support. Be sure to have your license key available to give to your support representative.

Can I install Lectora on more than one computer?

You must have one license for each computer on which Lectora is installed. If you’re interested in a multiple license solution, contact your account representative.

What is a Lectora Maintenance Plan?

Lectora Maintenance is an annual agreement that enables you to receive any new features and enhancements that are released each year free of charge and provides you with a highly discounted Lectora renewal fee. Maintenance must be renewed each year in order to receive new features and benefits. If your maintenance expires, you are no longer eligible for upgrades and will lose access to ReviewLink and the eLearning Brothers assets.

Does a maintenance plan also include support?

No. Support services are not included with your Lectora maintenance plan. Support is an optional service that we recommend. Contact an account representative at sales@trivantis.com or 877.929.0188 option 1 for information on current Lectora pricing and promotions.

How do I know what version of Lectora I have?

You can locate your version number from the Help menu within Lectora. Simply click on the Help menu icon (in the upper-right corner of the screen) and select About Lectora. On the panel that appears you will find your License Key and version number. You may also contact your Lectora account representative at 877.929.0188 option 1 or sales@trivantis.com.

Where can I find my Lectora license key?

You can find your license key on the Getting Started panel in the lower-right corner under the Contact Support button. You can also locate your license key from the Help menu within Lectora. Simply click on the Help menu icon (in the upper-right corner of the screen) and select About Lectora. On the panel that appears you will find your License Key and version number.

Please have these numbers available when calling to renew your maintenance contract.

Is there anything I need in order to renew my maintenance?

Yes, in order to renew your maintenance you must have a valid Lectora license key. Contact your Lectora account representative at 877.929.0188 option 1 or sales@trivantis.com to renew your maintenance contract.

If I don’t have a current maintenance plan, will I still receive service packs?

Yes, you will still receive any service packs released for your version of Lectora, but you will not receive new features or enhancements.

What happens if I skip a year by not renewing one year, but then want to renew the next?

If your Lectora maintenance expires, you will need to purchase Lectora again at full price in order to access future releases, new features, ReviewLink, and the eLearning Brothers assets. In order to receive the best possible price and the most current version, please renew your maintenance before your expiration date.

How much is Lectora maintenance?

Contact an account representative at sales@trivantis.com or 877.929.0188 option 1 for information on current Lectora pricing and promotions.

Are academic and military discounts available?

Absolutely! Trivantis is proud to support academic and military organizations with the best eLearning software on the market. Contact our Academic and Government Team at 513-852-7904 to access special savings.