6 Quick Tips for Creating an Effective Performance Support System with Lectora

An electronic performance support system is a great way for you to provide on-the-job support to help learners in real-world scenarios. At the 2013 Lectora User Conference, Kasa Wahl and Dan Hill shared with attendees how to take previously created classroom-based training and turn it into an interactive online resource for employees using Lectora® e-Learning software.

Take a look at these six helpful tips for creating an effective online learning tool from previously developed training content:

  • Include a glossary button for definitions of terms used.
  • Hyperlink to resources like forms and documentation that can efficiently provide users information and answer questions quickly.
  • Add a help page as a guide for using the online learning tool if needed.
  • Skip the welcome page to save time. Since the performance support system is a job aid, people will be visiting it several times a day.
  • Skip the site map because users don’t need to see every possible option.
  • Keep the design simple: big buttons, consistent color and typeface and common patterns create a streamlined user experience that allows answers to be found more easily.

Repurposing classroom-based training is an excellent strategy to enhance the resources you already have. Since the content is already approved, you’re ready to begin developing an awesome electronic performance support system right away.

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