Announcing CourseMill LMS 6.6 New Features

The best value in learning management systems (LMS) on the market just got even better. New CourseMill LMS Version 6.6 is fully-loaded with new features and capabilities to provide you with the easiest, most affordable solution for e-Learning course management, delivery and reporting. The newest tools in CourseMill 6.6 make it easier than ever to track learner progress and stay organized, allowing you to achieve your e-Learning goals. New CourseMill 6.6 capabilities and features include:

Additional System Properties

Default Full Screen Option: Set the Full Screen Option as default in the Course Details section so your courses and training appear in full screen each time they are opened.

Specify Summary Statistics: Automatically receive a summary of statistics each time you run a report in CourseMill.

Specify Maximum Number of Characters: Determine the number of characters allowed for the names of Sub Organizations within your system, with a maximum of 200.

Automatic ‘My Courses’ Tab Expansion: Specify if you’d like to automatically expand all courses and curriculums on the My Courses tab. Choosing this option would cause all items within this tab to appear.

Automatically Include Completed Courses: Choose to have completed courses automatically appear in the My Courses tab.

Automatically Include Inactive or Expired Courses: Specify if you’d like to automatically include expired or inactive courses in the My Courses tab.


Other Features

Add Instructor Notes and Private Documents: Restrict learner access to certain course documents so that only instructors and administrators can view them. This setting is available when adding course content documents and allows instructors to post documents that are not visible to learners, such as a note from one instructor to another.

Accessing Additional Details: Access additional profile information and details for students, sessions, courses and curriculums. This is especially helpful when completing registrations and creating reports.

Assign Courses to Sub-Organizations: Ensure that learners registered into a sub-organization are also automatically registered for the course by assigning courses to sub-organizations in the same way that you assign curriculums to sub-organizations.

Define Custom Information Fields: Define additional information fields such as curriculums, courses or sessions within an organization’s properties and categorize them with pertinent information for your organization.

New Notification Token: Customize enrollment notifications with the course or curriculum URL that will automatically launch that specified course. Simply use the new <#COURSE_LAUNCH#> token in your notifications to utilize this feature.

Batch Import Support Enrollment Date: When bulk enrolling learners, set the enrollment date for the course or curriculum by using the EnrollDate column within your import file.

Set Completion Date in Course Gradebooks: Track when each learner completes or passes your course by setting the completion date on individual gradebook items.

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