e-Learning Lesson in Lectora: Using Themes and Templates

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your online training courses look professional, you’ll want to know all your options for using themes and templates. Lectora® Version 11 e-Learning software allows you to use both to make your course look polished, consistent and spectacular!

In this e-Learning Lesson in Lectora, you’ll learn the difference between themes and templates and how you can take advantage of the benefits that both these design features offer.

Let’s take a closer look at themes and templates in Lectora:

Themes – Themes are a set of over 75 predefined design elements in Lectora that come in different colors and sizes. Themes have several benefits. They can give your course a professional look and feel. They’re also a great way to be efficient; not only will themes save time, but they’ll also provide inspiration as you’re designing your course.

To find these predefined themes, click on File > Create New Title and select Themes.

Templates – Templates are different because they’re a convenient way to store boilerplate versions of courses. You can use them as a starting point for your course and for future courses to save time. You can choose from hundreds of predesigned templates. You can also create your own templates by saving a course as a template or altering an existing template. For example, you can create a template that has a specific layout, text and graphics for your organization, so you can apply that template to all your titles.

Here are a few design tips for designing your own templates:

  • Choose a safe resolution. 1024 x 768 is typically good for most PCs and tablets.
  • Make sure the interface is useful and streamlined, so that it doesn’t overpower your content.
  • Use Lectora’s drawing tools to create a simple GUI or to determine the shape and size for elements.
  • Use Snagit to create GUI elements, and then drag and drop those objects into Lectora.

To save the template you’ve created, just click on File > Save Options and choose Save Title As Template.

Watch this video to learn even more about themes and templates in Lectora:

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    do you have examples of themed courses, for example a story that runs through the whole course !