Utilizing the Lectora Online Live Model Gallery

With the recent release of Lectora® Online 1.6.2 e-Learning software, options for enhancing your online e‑Learning courses with images are endless. In today’s e-Learning Lesson in Lectora, learn how to take advantage of the new Live Model Gallery to take your content to the next level.

In this session, Lectora pro Tara Roe shares several ways to use the more than 5,000 images available in the Lectora Online Live Model Gallery. While the Live Model Gallery is a feature specific to Lectora Online, you can access character images in Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher as well. The scenarios discussed in today’s e‑Learning Lesson can be applied across all Lectora platforms to enhance and complement online e-Learning content.

Using characters in e-Learning is a great way to build a personal connection between the content and the learner. Here are some ways that you can incorporate characters into your e-Learning courses:

The Knowledge Check
In this situation, use characters to validate learner responses to any type of question. This scenario has a game-like feeling, as the character is being used to encourage the correct response from the learner. Before a learner answers a question, the character has their back to the learner. Once the learner answers a question correctly, turn the character around to display the proper feedback.

Demonstrate a Process
Use a character to complement sections of courses that walk through a process. For each new step in a process, the character’s pose and feedback can be adjusted to support the process accordingly.

Top Tips
Take advantage of the hand gallery included in Lectora Online to support lists and other “tips” features. As the list progresses, modify the hand position to correlate with the current step.

When introducing characters to learners, use the silhouette images in partner with Live Model images to reveal the character to the learner with a simple rollover effect. You can also add a text block to relay information about the character to the learner, similar to a profile.

Check out the Inspiration Wednesdays webinar below to learn how you can build this functionality, and more, into your e-Learning courses:


When images are consistent with the content and not a distraction, they provide an excellent opportunity to boost learner engagement and attention. Are you using characters in your e-Learning projects? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook. For more great Lectora tips, tricks and resources, check out the Recorded Webinar section in Lectora University.To learn more about Lectora, please visit lectora.com.