e-Learning Lessons in Lectora: Create Drag & Drop Questions

As an e-Learning advocate, you know how important it is to track the progress of your learners as they navigate through courses and online training. When authoring quizzes or assessments using Lectora e-Learning software, you may want the option of creating either textual or visual question types to accommodate learners, increase interactivity and add variety to tests. Today’s e-Learning Lesson in Lectora shows you how to use text and images to create drag & drop questions and matching questions within a quiz. Using these question types in quizzes will engage learners and allow you to test their knowledge along the way.

Before we begin, here’s a little bit of information about drag & drop questions and matching questions:

Drag & Drop Questions

A drag and drop question has two main components: the items you drag (“drag items”) and the destinations that you drag those items to (“drop spots”). When a learner is presented with a drag and drop question in Lectora, he or she must take the drag items and match them with the appropriate drop spots in order to answer the question correctly. In Lectora, e-Learning authors can choose between using text boxes or pictures when creating the drag items and drop spots within a quiz, allowing for a variety of question types and formats.

Matching Questions

Matching questions are similar to drag & drop questions. In a matching question, there are two columns containing various items: a left-hand column and a right-hand column. Learners must correctly match items in the left-hand column with the items in the right-hand column to successfully answer the question.

Tips for Using Drag & Drop Question Types:

1. Create your questions ahead of time

Before you create a quiz or assessment in Lectora, write out the questions and answers you want to use ahead of time. That way, when it’s time to author your quiz, you’ll be set with everything you need, saving you time and energy.

2. Resize your images

When creating drag & drop or matching questions using pictures, resize your images to the same dimensions before loading them in Lectora. This will not only make quiz-creation easier – it will also make your tests and assessments more visually appealing.

3. Make it easy for learners

Make it easy for learners to complete your quiz by clearly indicating how each question should be answered. For example, in a drag & drop question, it is important to show learners where they are supposed to drop their “drag items.” For drag & drop question using images, make sure that your drop spot images are the same size as your drag item images. For textual drag and drop questions, use an empty text frame in your drop spots to indicate where drag items should be placed.


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