Free ReviewLink Tips for Online Course Review– Part 1

If you made the recent upgrade to Lectora® X.6 e-Learning software, you already know that ReviewLink™ makes online course review more convenient and simple than ever. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of ReviewLink, today’s blog includes 3 handy tips to help you complete the review cycle in record time.

Below each tip is a short video tutorial that demonstrates step-by-step how to implement the tip using ReviewLink collaborative e-Learning review tool.  These tips and tutorials are full of hints to make sure you stay on-task and work efficiently when collaborating with reviewers. And, most importantly, they guarantee a quick turnaround as you review, edit and prepare courses for publishing.

1) Create Reviewer Groups: The first step in ReviewLink is inviting fellow developers to review your course. Instead of inviting each reviewer individually, ReviewLink allows you to create reviewer groups and send mass emails to members of each group – helping you save time and stay organized. The video below shows you how to create your own reviewer groups:

2) Provide Clear Instructions: Once you’ve invited your reviewers, you may want to provide specific instructions for them as they evaluate your course. In ReviewLink, you can accomplish this by sending reviewers a message. Learn how to message viewers in the video below:

3) Set a Due Date: If you’re on a time crunch, set a due date for reviewers so they know how long they have to provide comments and feedback. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your course is polished and perfect by the time your deadline is up. Watch this video to learn how:

Stay tuned for more free tips and tutorials in Part 2!

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