Getting More ROI out of Your e-Learning

If you’re visiting this website, you probably know already that switching to e-Learning is a cost-effective way to deliver your organization’s training. Maybe you’ve already presented to your boss about the return on investment of e-Learning. You’ve probably already talked about how it cuts down on travel costs, takes employees away from their desk for less time, increases productivity, engagement and so much more. If you haven’t convinced your boss yet, you can use these free ROI calculators to show him some numbers.

During this discussion, your boss may have been concerned about the costs of developing e-Learning. Never fear, there are plenty of affordable authoring tools out there, like Lectora® Inspire, Lectora® Publisher and the cloud-based Lectora® Online. And to help you maximize the return on your investment of an authoring tool, we collected some tips for you on how to make the best e-Learning possible!

  1. Start with instructional design. It might seem like an unnecessary step, but the instructional design behind your content is what really sets your e-Learning up for success. Check out this interview with an instructional designer for more insight into this important process.
  2. Choose the right images. Selecting powerful images is key to engaging your learners and reinforcing your message. A good graphic sparks interest and excitement. Learn more about choosing images—and being consistent with image style—in this helpful blog: How to Choose the Best Images for Your e-Learning.
  3. Maximize time with content chunking. By chunking your e-Learning content into smaller modules, you make it easier for your employees to fit e-Learning into their schedules—and their brains!This brain research-based method has been proven to improve learner retention, which means your learners are getting more knowledge out of your e-Learning investment. That knowledge will be used in the office to increase productivity and improve your bottom line! Here’s some more information on content chunking: 4 Benefits (and Tips) for Content Chunking.
  4. Use the right learning management system for your needs. The best way to deliver your amazing new e-Learning content is with a learning management system (LMS). Using an LMS helps you keep track of learner activity and judge which content is the most beneficial. Read this blog post to learn more about Why You Need an LMS.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to getting more ROI out of your e-Learning!


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