How to Evaluate Your Online Training Course

Are you curious about how successful your e-Learning course was for your learners and your organization? Or maybe you’re still in the development stages and could use some feedback before moving forward. If you said “Yes, that’s me!” for either of these situations, then it’s time to evaluate your e-Learning course!

Evaluation allows you to assess how effective your e-Learning course is, how it’s benefiting your organization and what you need to change to get better results next time. Whether you’re wondering how to go about evaluating your online training course, or just looking to improve your evaluation strategy, these tips can help!

  • Do user testing ahead of time.
    User testing is an essential part of creating a successful e-Learning course because it allows you to resolve many issues before the actual course begins. If you incorporate user testing early on in the development process, you’ll avoid having to totally redo your course after you’ve already spent hours or days creating it.
  • To learn more about user testing, be sure to read this blog about a past Lectora User Conference session: How to Create the Best e-Learning Courses from User Testing.
  • Test your learners.
    User testing during development is valuable, but there’s always room for improvement. Doing a post-course evaluation on your actual learners—as opposed to sample learners during user testing—can show you what parts of your course you can make even better for the next time. You can either get learning results in a formal, post-course assessment or a simple quiz to show progress during the course.
  • Check out this blog post for inspiration on testing your learners: Just for You! Creative Ways to Design Quiz Questions and Knowledge Checks in Lectora.
  • Ask your learners what they learned.
    So you collected your learner’s quiz results, but now you want to know what they really thought about your course. A survey or questionnaire is a great way to ask your learner’s opinions after the course ends! With a survey, you can directly ask the questions you want to know.

    Here are a few sample questions to get started:

    • What did you learn from this e-Learning course?
    • Was any of the material unclear or difficult to understand in this course?
    • What will you do differently in your job after taking this course?
  • Track your learners’ footprints.
    Recent advances in technology have expanded our opportunity for tracking learner activity. For example, with the Tin Can API, you can look at job performance data along with training data to find out what is or isn’t working in your e-Learning course.
  • To learn more about tracking data with the Tin Can API, check out this blog: What the Tin Can API Means for Your Online Training Course.

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