Lectora e-Learning Leads the Way withHTML5 Support

If you’re an e-Learning enthusiast, you’ve probably come across the term ‘HTML5’ in a blog, magazine or social media post. Although a recent hot topic of discussion, HTML5 is a relatively new element in the e-Learning mix, which might leave you with some unanswered questions: What is HTML5? How does it fit into the world of e-Learning? How does Lectora® e-Learning address this topic? Today’s blog will provide you with answers to these questions and keep you in-the-loop on the latest HTML5 e-Learning developments.

According to Judy Unrein’s article Promising Tools for HTML5 Development in Training and Development Magazine, HTML5 is the “latest version of Hypertext Markup Language that has been used to create web content for the past couple of decades.” Since iOS devices do not support Flash, HTML5 support makes it possible for e-Learning developers to send courses and training straight to learners’ iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices. HTML5 is still in the development process, so there are few e-Learning tools that currently support this format.

While others may be struggling to adapt, Lectora e-Learning authoring software already supports HTML5, leading the way as e-Learning migrates from “standstill” devices to mobile phones and tablets. In Unrein’s eyes, this mobile factor proves that Lectora stands as a “major player” amongst other e-Learning authoring platforms.

“Lectora…[has] been on the e-Learning development market for over a decade,” says Unrein. “[Lectora publishes] to versions of HTML and [has] the ability to include images, video and audio.”

With over 10 years of success as the world’s leading e-Learning authoring software and HTML5 support, it’s clear that Lectora is the program of choice for developers who want a product that is both modern and reliable.

In addition to HTML5 support, Unrein notes that Lectora is a fast and “easy-to-learn tool considering the power it packs” and provides a number of ways to pump-up learner interactivity and engagement. Lectora allows you to “create…actions, store pretty much anything you want in variables, and all the scripting is done for you on the back end,” says Unrein.

It’s true: Lectora provides developers with the necessary tools to keep learners engaged as they navigate through courses and training, making it easy for e-Learning authors of all levels to create the tutorials they envision.

With all of these powerful features and capabilities packed onto one e-Learning tool, if you haven’t already tried Lectora, you definitely should. Visit our website for a FREE 30-day trial!

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