Lectora Inspire Provides Perfect Bundle for Engaging e-Learning

As an instructional designer, your mission is to design courses and training that grab learners’ attention and encourage interactivity. When learners are fully engaged in your e-Learning, they’re absorbing the information presented to them – ensuring that your courses are a success.

Arm yourself with tools for truly interactive content with Lectora® Inspire e-Learning Authoring Software. Lectora Inspire is the only e-Learning tool on the market that combines everything you need all in one, easy-to-use bundle. Unleash your creative genius and build interactive components for courses using Camtasia® for Lectora, Snagit® for Lectora and Flypaper™ for Lectora. The combination of Lectora along with these three tools gives you everything you need to add awesome, exciting interactive enhancements to your training. Get started in Lectora Inspire with the valuable video tutorials below:

Flypaper for Lectora

Flypaper for Lectora lets you create fabulous Flash animations and interactive pages and add them to courses. Quickly build Flash animations by choosing from hundreds of Flash templates in the Flybrary, or build your own Flash animations from scratch. The best part is that no programming knowledge is required, so anyone has the ability to build Flash interactions with Flypaper for Lectora. The video below shows you how to create an interactive story with Flypaper for Lectora:

Camtasia for Lectora

There may be times when you need to include step-by-step instructions for learners as they navigate through your courses. Instead of providing learners with textual instructions, why not create your own custom video tutorial instead? Camtasia for Lectora lets you easily record and edit professional videos straight from Lectora. You can thenadd your custom videosto courses and training for a fun way to engage learners. This video shows you how to record a video with Camtasia for Lectora.

Snagit for Lectora

Add visual appeal to courses and training with Snagit for Lectora. Snagit for Lectora lets you capture anything on your computer screen and turn it into a cool, custom image. You can add special effects to screen shots, combine images, magnify images and more. View the video below for an overview of Snagit for Lectora:

For more video tutorials on Flypaper for Lectora, Camtasia for Lectora and Snagit for Lectora please visit: https://trivantis.com/e-learning-software-tools#video-tutorials

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