Motivate Learners through Friendly Competition with Lectora X.5 Games

You may be familiar with the saying “a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.” Although this statement is not always true, competition within the context of Lectora e-Learning can positively benefit both you and your learners by encouraging engagement, interaction and collaboration.

According to Ladan Nikravan’s article, “Games Create Learning Through Competitionin Chief Learning Officer Magazine, one way to promote friendly competition between learners is to integrate games into e-Learning courses and training. In her article, Nikravan explains that games “[make learning] fun and [encourage] friendly competition,” allowing learners to collaborate as a team and actively participate in courses and training. When learners work together, they “collaboratively participate in the creation of collective results,” fostering a social learning environment in which learners can share ideas and learn new things from one another (Nikravan).

Lectora X.5 includes six new interactive Flash games that can be easily integrated into your e-Learning courses and training: Crazy Cans, Mountain Climb, Dunking Booth, Horse Race, Walk the Plank and Slot Machine. Today’s blog provides you with three nifty ways to integrate Lectora X.5 games into your e-Learning tutorials:

1. Split up learners into teams: 

As Nikravan says, competition is the key to keeping learners engaged when playing games. Instead of having each learner play solo, split learners up into teams and have each team work together to successfully complete a game. For example, a group of nine learners could be split up into three groups of three to play Mountain Climb. In this game, the climber moves further and further up the mountain with each correctly answered question until the climber reaches the top. Your three teams could “race” up the mountain by working collaboratively with team members to correctly answer questions as quickly as possible. The team who is able to work most cooperatively together will reach the top of the mountain first and win the race.

2. Use games to test learners:

Instead of using standard quizzes to track learners’ progress, test learners with one of the Lectora X.5 games. Questions and answers within Lectora games can be customized, so any test or quiz can be easily turned into a game. In addition, a “game test” is suitable for both solo and group assessments and will make test time more fun and exciting for learners. You can easily grade and track learners’ “game test” results in your learning management system.

3. Create your own games

If you’re a Flash expert, you can build your very own unique games in Lectora X.5 e-Learning software. The Lectora Clip Flash SDK is a step-by-step guide you can use when creating games from scratch. When you build your own Flash games, you have complete control over every aspect of the games, allowing you to create games that best fit your learners and course materials. The Clip Flash SDK can be accessed by visiting Lectora User Guides.


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