Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic: xAPI

Thursday's Trending Topic: xAPI

Tracking learner success is always on trend; it’s how learning and development professionals determine the effectiveness of training initiatives. xAPI (often called The Experience API, Tin Can, or the next generation of SCORM) helps us measure learner success by tracking many types of learning experiences. So, for this Thursday’s Trending eLearning Topic, I decided to focus on xAPI and collect resources that can help you understand xAPI and just a few of the possibilities for tracking training at your organization.

Here are a few blog posts, articles, and videos on xAPI:

• Why the Experience API Is Crucial to Your eLearning Success

• The Experience API: What You Need to Know

• Lectora Inspire 12.0 Best Practices for xAPI

• Rick Zanotti interviews one Lectora® user on xAPI in Lectora Live 9: Jared Schaalje on Lectora Templates & xAPI

• Lectora and xAPI

If you’re using Lectora, this xAPI Launcher that John Blackmon, Chief Technical Officer at Trivantis, posted in the Trivantis Community can help (another great reason to join the community:

• xAPI Launcher

John also shared this pdf as an additional resource:

• Launching xAPI content without an LMS

You can even attend xAPI Camp, a one-day learning event that includes xAPI case studies and ideas.

And of course, this trending topic roundup wouldn’t be complete without a link to the website, where the folks at Rustici Software provide clear and in-depth explanations of xAPI, how it works, and more.

Have you used xAPI to track learner activity at your company? Share your experience in the comments or start a discussion in the Trivantis Community.

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