CourseMill 7 Release Notes

CourseMill 7 Enhancements and Modifications

The following features are available in this release (Version 7.0).

Admin Tasks


Addition of a WCAG flag in the Student table to set CourseMill to function with the JAWS or NVDA readers for the visually impaired. This enhancement adds additional pop-up windows for verification or explanation on window functionality required for WCAG/508 users. The flag must be set for this interactive functionality to take effect. The WCAG flag may also be set in a the Data Import process per user.


Scheduled Tasks


Executes Report Locker scheduled reports separately. Prior to the change could only be run through the Progress Schedule task. The Progress Reports are still needed to execute Approval notifications and Evaluation notifications.


Syncs the mobile devices with CourseMill. Should be set to run every hour. Mobile devices individually submit Course completion data outside of this process as they connect with a Wi-Fi.



Enabled for content access through CourseMill Mobile              

New notification text: You now have access to your courses through Lectora Mobile! Download the app to your tablet or smartphone by visiting the app store on your device and searching for ""Lectora Mobile"". When you have found the app, install it. It's free!

Once you have the app, launch it and enter the following as your Activation Code:



Location Management

New Course Content Deletion Check                     

Delete verification that will disallow a Delete if the Location is being used in a Session.

 delete check


Student UI    

Sub-Tabs under My Courses                      

"Three sub-tabs are presented under My Courses:

Enrolled - Displays Curriculum, Course or Session that are not completed

Completed - Displays Completed Courses (Completed, Passed, Failed or Exempted)

Transcript - Display Transcript in Summary/Detail and Certificate options"


Preview Button                    

If AllowCoursePreview is set to "Yes" a Preview icon will display on the Couse Catalog page allowing the user to view the Course without registering. This does not enroll the user nor retain usage data during the Preview process.


Custom Links            

CourseMill allows for up to five Button links at the bottom of the My Course page. These are created via a Manage Property connecting to a content item on the CourseMill server or an external URL. Documentation on "How to" will be provided in our Supplemental Training Guides.

custom links

Course Type             

Displays the Course Type in the Course Catalog and My Courses

Course Enrollment Confirmation               

Course Catalog now provides a registration confirmation. The user may click OK to remain on the Course Catalog or go to the Course in My Courses by clicking the button.

enroll success

Course/Session level Discussion Board/Chat Room/IM              

Integrated into Courses or Sessions. Discussion Boards or Chat Rooms are now listed immediately under the Course content. This makes it easier for the Users to participate in social learning.

All social functions may be disabled at the Organization level and will not display throughout the CourseMill interface.

course discussion board

Org Level Discussion Board/Chat Room/IM                     

Access Community on Student UI for those who have chosen to use Org based IM, Chat rooms or Discussion Boards.

org level discussion board

New Transcript Format                   

On the Transcript Sub Tab the display has been changed to HTML from text. In addition the Selection and Filtering criteria now display at the top of the page.

 The Organization Title is now displayed in the Header rather than the OrgID.

new transcript format

Certificate Button                 

If CourseMill is serving up Curriculum or Course Certificates there is a new button on the Transcript tab to display, view or print the Certificate.

 certificate button


Searchable Help                   

Context Help             

New Help documentation.

Supplemental Guide            

Addition of Implementation and Training Guides with CourseMill menu structure now allowing for content search. The updates to CM7 documentation will be completed on or before 8/31/2014. A service pack will be provided for this content.

helpful resources



Course Type Designation                

Addition of a Course Type. This displays an icon on the Course Catalog and My Courses page.

course type

SCO Incorrect Name Message                     

If an imported SCO has a different name than a SCO previously published in the Course, thus deleting all the User history, it displays a warning message.

SCO incorrect name

Session Full Identifier                      

As an Administrator, Instructor or Reporter (with enrollment permission) when a Session is full it will visually turn the Session to Orange indicating an override will be performed by CourseMill if the Administrator, Instructor or Reporter choses to enroll the users.

session full identifier 


Advanced Reports                

Advanced Reports menu item                    

Integration of CourseMill Advanced Reports module into CM 7.

Requires additional purchase to install and enable this feature."

advanced reports menu


Issue Resolutions or Enhancements                      


Org Level Administrators that are assigned to sub-orgs cannot add users to SubOrgs that are not assigned to them. Assigned to the SubOrg Level Administrator.

Batch Import            

Language designation in a Batch Import is now working.

Batch Import            

ReporterCCFlag in Batch import is now working.

Chat Rooms               

Fix real-time messaging issue.

Community Tab                   

Removed Community tab from the Student User Interface. Each community item is embedded within a Curriculum, Course and Session. Organization level chat, IM or Discussion Boards are offered as a list menu on the Student UI.


Cannot key in a future date for a completion date.


Displays full Courses in the Manage User -> Register page.

Course Session                     

Session Days set to no default. Previously all days were checked by default.

Create New User                  

Now Hides the Demographics page if turned off in Manage Properties

Curriculum and Course                   

Repair the logic for the -2 Session ID.

Curriculum and Course                   

Fix to disallow spaces before or after a UserID (caused by manual entry)

Curriculum and Course                   

New default completion Certificate added with white background on default completion Certificate

Manage Property                 

DeleteInactiveUsersOlderThan - Disabling this Manage Property

Manage Property                 

DaystoDisplayCompletedContent - Disabling this Manage Property


Session ICS Notification attachment fixed for Sessions spanning multiple days.


Curriculum Approved Request Denied Notification is now set to be turned off by default.

Pending Approvals              

Added User First and Last name on Approval page


General Reports - New report for Archived Students


Selection boxes for SubOrg and Personal Info are now clickable in the ALL Reports


Summary Report Default colors scheme for Summary Report graphic modified to brighter colors


SubOrg filters are removed when deleting a Report in Custom Reports


Repaired the Report Locker Reporter permission filtering issue.

User Interface                      

Allow a student to "Unenroll" from a Course when they Need to Enroll in a Session. This would require the Manage Property - AllowStudentsToUnenroll to be enabled.

User Interface                      

A sample News page has been added as an example.

User Interface                      

Course Catalog added interactive icons for Wait List and Pending Approval

User Interface                      

Course Catalog added color bars to delineate between Unenrolled and Enrolled Curriculum/Course

User Interface                      

Removes spaces before or after a UserID when entered using the Register window on the Administrator/Instructor/Report interface

User Interface                      

Discussion Boards fixed topic display and colorize topic headers

User Interface                      

Allowing grey Info icons to always be active so Curriculum or Course Detail information may always be displayed.

User Interface                      

Fixed space issue in UserID and CurrID, spaces are not allowed in any index volume


CM 7 String File Additions or Changes

strIncludeActiveUsersLabel : "Include Active Users",

strIncludeActiveUsersLabel_All : "All Users",

strIncludeActiveUsersLabel_ActiveOnly : "Active Users Only",

strIncludeActiveUsersLabel_InactiveOnly : "Inactive Users Only",

strIncludeMobileUsersLabel : "Include Mobile Users",

strIncludeMobileUsersLabel_All : "All Users",

strIncludeMobileUsersLabel_MobileOnly : "Mobile Users Only",

strIncludeMobileUsersLabel_NonMobileOnly : "Non-Mobile Users Only",

strCourseNotImportedSCOMismatch : "Course not imported. Gradebook IDs did not match.",

strIgnoreSCOIDMismatchLabel : "Ignore Gradebook ID Mismatch"

strIgnoreSCOMismatchConfirm : "Are you sure you want to ignore Gradebook ID mismatch warnings? If the Gradebook ID in the imported course does not match the existing Gradebook ID, status and scores for users who have already completed the course will be reset.",

strSuccessEnrollMsg :"You have been successfully enrolled (or added to an approval or waiting list). If no approvals are needed then this course has been added to your My Courses tab. To get to the course, click My Courses.",

strCustomLinkURLWarning : "NOTE: Please make sure outside links begin with http:// or https:// (i.e. and any links to local sites or files already exist on the server."

strAllowSelfRegistrationLabel : "Self-Registration Access Code"

strGuideCourseDescWCAG: "Units and/or Resources",

strAllowSelfRegistrationAccessCodeLabel: "Self-Registration Access Code",

strAllowSelfRegistrationLabel: "Self-Registration Access Code",

strARCheckArchiveDelSessionLabel: "Checking Delete Expired Sessions ...",

strAdvancedReports: "Advanced Reports",

WCAG Assistance




Indicates a mandatory Field

Middle Initial (German only)


CM 7 Advanced Reports                  

Accessed via the 'Advanced Reports' link in CM7 Administrator, Instructor and Reporter Interface.

advanced reports menu

Permissions - Group            

CourseMill Advanced Reporting Groups:              

Note: CourseMill Advanced Reporters with Dashboards and CourseMill Advanced Reporters groups would be populated upon client update/install via a script since these groups are limited to the purchased # of users.

When a new admin or a student is set to an instructor or reporter role, then their advanced reporting groups will be populated.

Items/areas are restricted within Advanced Reporting by the Group ID so if a student was in both the reporter and instructor groups then they could see items for both groups.

CourseMill Advanced Reporters with Dashboards                      

2 licensed users for Advanced Reporting tool (as a Report Builder)

This user can:

* Create and modify Reports and Dashboards

* Is a Advanced Repors Global Administrator

CourseMill Global Administrator                

Can only Launch and View Reports and Dashboards (if they are not in one of the licensed user groups)

CourseMill Administrator                

Can only Launch and View Reports and Dashboards

CourseMill Instructor                      

Can only Launch and View Reports and Dashboards

CourseMill Reporter            

Can only Launch and View Reports and Dashboards



REPORTS - Filter Reports                

My Favorites             

Clicking on 'My Favorites' will display only those reports flagged as your 'Favorite' under the Favorite column.

my favorites

My Reports              

Clicking on 'My Reports' will display the reports created by the user logged in.

Recently Added                    

Clicking on 'Recently Added' will display those reports in the last week which were recently created by you along with those reports shared with you

Clear Filter                

This button will clear the filtering of 'My Favorites', 'My Reports' and 'Recently Added' and show ALL reports, even those reports shared by another user.


Click on a tag to bring up those reports tagged with that selection.


REPORTS - Reports Listing              

Search Reports                     

Search for a specific report title. Searches as you type.



Launch the report


Review the details of the report; run the report; add additional user settings; schedule a report; create LIVE excels.

After selecting Details tab:              

REPORT TEMPLATE (tab)              

Displays report title, description, datasource selection criteria (filtering), report columns, sorting, grouping, PDF template used, tags, owner of report, creator of report, date created and last modified.

report template

DATA (tab)               

Report Results                      

If there are Runtime Parameters, enter if required then 'launch' the report. If not, the report results will automatically be displayed.

The results can be:

* Aggregated

* Shown as a summary

* Grouped by dragging the columns into the 'Drag columns here to group' box

* Searched by typing in your search criteria which begins searching as you type and searches through all columns of the report

* Exported to various file formats such as Excel, PDF, XML, etc."


The analytics panel allows you to display summary data based on any combination of columns or column aggregates included in the report, creating pivot table like drill-down capability. Especially powerful when a report contains an enormous number of records, providing instant retrieval of particular values within the results, sortable aggregates per column combination, and more.


The charting panel allows visualization of report results in chart format.


USER SETTINGS (tab)                     

Gives the user an overview of the reports columns, sorting, grouping and multi value view. Allows the user to create their own sorting, grouping and multi value viewing.

If there are user settings created, they can always be cleared by selecting the 'Clear Settings' option in the upper right of the screen.

SCHEDULES (tab)                

For the selected report, gives a listing of Active Schedules (if any) and allows the user to create a NEW Schedule.

Schedule: Specify the date(s), time and recurrence to schedule.

Report Parameters: If the report was created with runtime parameters, this tab will be visible.

Archive: Not permitted

Email: Email the results to specified users in a selected file format.

Export: Export the results to a file or folder in a selected file format.


LIVE EXCELS (tab)               

Lists the Live Excels that have been created, last accessed and gives the user the option to disable a live excel file.

 Note: A Live Excel spreadsheet allows you to execute the report from within Excel. When a Live Excel file is created, it contains the encrypted connection information and credentials for the Advanced report and is saved in folder on your computer. When you execute a Live Excel spreadsheet, you are running the report as the user who created the Live Excel file.            


Dashboards can only be created, modified and deleted by the licensed users as noted under 'Permissions'. That licensed user can then share the report with user groups and/or specified users.


Dashboards will be listed and are searchable by title.

They are only 'editable' by the two licensed users.

The data provider(s) for the dashboards can be an Advanced Report, Google Spreadsheet or an Excel Spreadsheet.

Dashboards can contain one or more charts, geo map, and one or more input controls.




Column Chart with a Date Range

column chart

Guage Chart with an auto-suggest box

guage chart

Geo Map

geo map

To use a specific map other than the default Unite States map, enter the ISO 3166-1 custom code for the map.

specific map continent hierarchy