Canadian Fitness Education Services Case Study


Canadian Fitness Education Services Ltd (CFES) is a program publishing house, fitness education and leadership training company – providing educators and students fitness leadership program resources for more than 25 years. CFES Fitness Leadership Program modules are designed to take students through the steps in fitness instructor and personal trainer registration/certification under the National Fitness Leadership Alliance (NFLA), a Canadian partnership of provincial not-for-profit fitness certification/registration agencies. The NFLA sets standards for fitness leadership registration/certification, allowing fitness leaders transferable accreditation across Canada.

CFES aims to enhance the activity effectiveness of Canadians through quality educational programs, products and services. The company provides programs and publications that are academically credible, highly practical and thoroughly enjoyable.

As a publishing house and fitness educator, CFES provides training and education resources to those who want to become certified fitness instructors as well as to teachers, coaches, athletes and other professionals in the health and wellness fields. In 1989 the company developed a traditional distant education version of their CFES Fitness Knowledge Course classroom student resources, recognizing that not everyone interested in fitness leadership had the ability or time to attend classroom courses. Then in 2004, in order to provide students interested in learning at home with more tools for credible and engaging learning, they began developing online components for the program. At this time, they decided to use Authorware to create online program supplemental learning courseware. While they thought it was an okay tool, they weren’t thrilled with the ease of use and as the tool became more and more obsolete, they ran out of resources. Soon enough, Authorware exited the market and CFES was in search of another easy-to-use authoring tool.

Morrie Zaitlin, the Manager of IT and Media at CFES, investigated four other tools to create the online training program and decided upon Lectora by Trivantis. “Lectora beat out all the other tools by far,” said Zaitlin. “Lectora has an unbelievably low learning curve and is so easy to use.”

“Lectora beat out all the other tools by far. Lectora has an unbelievably low learning curve and is so easy to use.”

With just two in-house developers, Zaitlin and his team member began hammering away at the development of their online program. Because Lectora was so fast and easy, they were able to focus some time on developing very interactive and engaging elements into the course. For instance, they shot several videos and voiceovers in house to ensure that explaining certain exercises was clear to the learner. As Zaitlin says, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.”

Zaitlin and his team believed that developing a course with videos, audio, animations, and illustrations was key to having a successful program. After all, you can’t just teach an exercise by having someone read how to do it — they need to see it, hear it and practice it. Lectora was the perfect solution for this need.