Pitney Bowes Case Study

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Pitney Bowes is the world’s leading provider of mailstream solutions. Founded in 1920, today the company’s software, hardware, services and innovations help organizations manage the flow of information, mail, documents and packages. Pitney Bowes’ 35,000 employees empower over two million customers worldwide to turn the mailstream into a profit engine – from the largest global enterprise to the smallest home office.

Pitney Bowes’ Employee Development and Performance (ED&P) organization began creating and using eLearning courses several years ago by utilizing a combination of outside vendors and internal developers. The organization, however, soon realized that it needed to find a faster, more efficient and more cost-effective way to train its employees. With employees across the United States, Pitney Bowes ED&P needed an authoring tool that was easy for internal developers to quickly create eLearning content.

Several ED&P employees at Pitney Bowes began investigating eLearning authoring tools. They noticed that most tools didn’t provide the flexibility they needed. According to their Instructional Design Team, “Of critical importance was the ability for participants to be able to navigate freely to areas of a course that met their immediate, just-in-time learning needs while still requiring certain elements to be completed.” Many of the authoring tools that ED&P employees reviewed limited this ability for open navigation.

When the ED&P Instructional Design Team came across Lectora by Trivantis, they were “impressed with the creative latitude of Lectora and the ability to integrate an array of multimedia files, such as Flash.” They also noticed that Lectora provided them with the open navigation they were looking for in an authoring tool. After seeing a demonstration of the product, the ED&P Team immediately purchased several licenses of Lectora to begin creating eLearning content.

“Lectora is amazing!”

Pitney Bowes utilizes Lectora to create courses on topics such as sales, industry, management and product training, most of which are published directly to its Cornerstone LMS.

The ED&P Team feels that Lectora is amazing. They especially like that Lectora makes it so easy to develop quality, engaging eLearning courses. “The product has so many helpful features and benefits. The ability to share files among geographically dispersed developers promotes collaboration throughout our organization,” noted the ED&P Team. “We can easily create online courses with Lectora and then repurpose that content as sales tools because the files can be published to CD-ROM and single file executables.

In addition to online courses, the ED&P Team also wanted to create kiosks where their thousand plus sales representatives could take engaging training courses that compared competitive products to the Pitney Bowes product line. They realized, however, that this would mean they would have to set up the products, add postage, purchase a maintenance agreement and give competitors the right to inspect their products due to federal regulations. Obviously, this plan wasn’t going to work.

As an alternative to their original plan, the ED&P Team decided to use Lectora in an innovative way to achieve the type of training they desired. With Lectora, the ED&P Team was able to build multiple touch screen training stations, which enable sales representatives to go through “museum-like” training by simply touching a screen that walks them through a competitor’s product.

“Once we developed the first touch screen station in Lectora, it was simple to create the rest.”

“The touch screen training stations bridge the gap between eLearning and classroom-based training,” said the ED&P Team. “Sales representatives now have the ability to learn at their own pace and it eliminates the need for a facilitator at every station.”


“Lectora has provided us with a very cost effective way to create an array of training programs. We’ve seen a decrease in the amount of development time and a reduction in costs.”

What was originally purchased to create online training has now become much more. Lectora is used by Pitney Bowes to develop online training courses, sales tools, touch screen training, instructor-led training guides and more.

Through the numerous types of training, the ED&P Team believes Pitney Bowes is now an innovative leader in creating effective eLearning. “By migrating prerequisite learning to the eLearning environment, we have leveraged the value of our field training managers and enhanced the development of participants across the enterprise,” said the ED&P Team.

Most importantly, Pitney Bowes has achieved greater ROI by utilizing Lectora. “Lectora has provided us with a very cost effective way to create an array of training programs. We’ve seen a decrease in the amount of development time and a reduction in costs,” said the ED&P Team. “With Lectora, we have reduced the mean delivery cost of eLearning from $53 per hour to only $33 per hour.”

Currently, approximately 40-60 sales reps per month complete the touch screen training and more than 30,000 Pitney Bowes employees receive training from online courses created with Lectora. The ED&P Team notes that both the online courseware and the touch screen training are receiving rave reviews from sales representatives and managers.