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Using Lectora Takes Health Education Training to New Levels

When Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber selected Lectora® as their authoring tool of choice, the developers were excited about the different levels of power Lectora offered to users of all skill levels. After using Lectora to create several different courses, Lectora’s power was so impressive that they continued to use Lectora for all other projects. “Other products don’t offer the range that Lectora does, which is why we’re sticking with Lectora,” explained Richard Price, Learning Technology Programme Manager for Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber. “For example, you can quickly create e-Learning from PowerPoint content with Lectora, but it is also powerful enough to create more advanced content with variables.”

Lectora proved a great tool for creating just-in-time, rapid e-Learning for health care workers, as well as more extensive learning programs like an interactive program for ambulance staff. The Health Education team currently has 39 licenses of Lectora across Yorkshire and Humber. “I believe we’ve only just scratched the surface of what we can do with Lectora,” Price said.

Price’s team used Lectora e-Learning software on a joint project with several other countries in the European Union, including Spain, Portugal, Slovenia and Greece. The goal of the project was to use Web 2.0 technologies to deliver health education and training more effectively. Using Lectora, they created a course to help ambulance staff improve their patient care.

A Great Result with Lectora

“We used Lectora to create a serious game that engaged learners. Lectora really lends itself to this type of interactive e-Learning development,” said Richard Price. The course features a clickable map that allowed learners to navigate around and direct their own learning. Lectora enabled them to create a very non-linear way of learning, as opposed to a page-by-page or PowerPoint style of learning.

The program was presented in Brussels at the European Union headquarters, and its success led to more projects for the Health Education team. “Using Lectora to create a serious game for learning has raised the profile of our organisation locally,” Price stated.

The game created a great deal of buzz from learners as well as professional peers. “Feedback from learners has been very positive because the serious game is more engaging and social,” said Price. “We integrated blogs and used Moodle to create a discussion forum for learners. The program really wowed people.” Using Lectora, Health Education created a highly effective and engaging learning program. They continue to recommend Lectora e-Learning software to other organizations looking to create inspiring e-Learning programs.