Lectora Online Known Issues

Lectora Online currently has the following known issues:

All issues are current as of 3/16/2018

Select the appropriate tab below to review specific known issues. Please see the Release Notes for a full list of issues resolved in the most recent release.

Resolved in Release 4.1.2
Resolved in Release 4.1.2


  • LO-5171 Import CSV is not picking up the Feedback options in the csv file


  • LO-5404 SPP SCORM titles - PopupPage and Goto Page fail when not using lightbox
  • LO-4287 Audio, Speaker icon should be a tab stop item Run mode, double tab required to play via space-bar when published.
  • LO-620 Copying text in a title that has a background set at the plate level will cause the background color to be inserted into the copied text. This is seen when pasting the text. This is a problem with Chrome and Safari on Mac. Workaround: Paste using Ctrl+Shift+V or if you have already pasted the text select / cut / and then re-paste using Ctrl+Shift+V.
  • LO-1279 In a RCD ttile, if you insert a text block into a mobile view and then add text that includes line breaks, when you switch back to desktop view and then back to the mobile view the text block will have an increased height.
  • LO-1902 Table of Contents does not handle random test sections
  • LO-3285 When applying certain textures to shapes, they are applied as a solid color when outline weight is odd - Edit mode only
  • LO-3886 Chrome; objects filled with images that have transparency can appear choppy in Run and Edit modes.
  • LO-4195 Gradients applied to Stock Button turns Normal/Disabled States into a Square
  • LO-4329 Buttons are left in over state after being activated by keyboard.
  • LO-5294 When cropping a Vaast linked image LO hangs
  • LO-3026 Make CurrentTime and CurrentDate variables display the same in all browsers, and/or customizable
  • LO-3729 Callout shadow positions are off when callout tail is extended.
  • LO-3732 xAPI - Hot Spot question graded individually - issues with statements on ScormCloud
  • LO-3833 Buttons with borders applied only in other states are cut off when state is viewed.
  • LO-3858 Inline Variables - VAR(AICC_Course_ID) showing up blank in Scorm Cloud
  • LO-3888 Unused resources warning, but resources have been removed according to Resource Manager
  • LO-4011 Some bullet types imported from Lectora Inspire or Publisher are not available in this version.
  • LO-4216 Find / Replace is not replacing text in Notes.
  • LO-4331 Print - some objects not printing
  • LO-4418 In Run Mode, Mute does not persist across pages
  • LO-4645 Export to Word missing textual items
  • LO-4161 Publishing metadata to html not working
  • LO-4783 Scale Content option makes text fuzzy/blurry when there is a video on the page
  • LO-4910 Several user issues with random object re-positioning and red errors on publish