CourseMill Mobile Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Learn what you need to get started with CourseMill Mobile.


CourseMill Mobile exceeds all known security requirements in the industry (over-the-air, in-the-cloud, single sign-on security and double encryption), so your learners can safely use their own preferred devices.

Native Application Available for All Major Smartphones:

  • Apple iPhones and iPods (iOS v5.1, v6 and v7)
  • Android (v2.2 and above)

Native Application Available for All Major Tablets:

  • Apple iPad and iPad Mini (iOS v5.1, v6 and v7)
  • Android Tablets (v2.2 and above)

Accepted Content Types

In addition to SCORM 1.2 and Web-based content published with Lectora authoring tools, the CourseMill Mobile app supports delivery and tracking (completion/viewership) of the following types of content:

  • Non-Flash Web-based content packages (for example HTML-published Lectora titles)
  • Non-Flash SCORM 1.2 e-Learning content packages
  • MP4 Video
  • MP3 Audio
  • PDF Documents
  • ePUB 1s and 2s

CourseMill Mobile Application Distribution.

Mobile content consumers can access CourseMill Mobile applications in any of the following public app stores: Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, employee mobile content consumers can activate CourseMill Mobile with their individual security credentials. Organizations can also use in-house Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems to distribute CourseMill Mobile applications.