Lectora Desktop 12.1.1 Release Notes

Lectora Desktop 12.1.1 (Service Update)

Released on:

June 19, 2015


Microsoft Windows

System requirements for this service update:

Lectora Inspire 12.1, or

Lectora Publisher 12.1

Note: A full install of V12.1.1 may be used by those currently on V12 or lower.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the appropriate file:
    • Inspire_Update_v12.1.1.exe
    • Publisher_Update_v12.1.1.exe
  2. Double-click the .exe file.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

This service update is available for download in the following languages:

English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Swedish

Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher 12.1.1 includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features:

There are no new features in this service update.



  • Implemented Web Window resource folder attachment and Library Object saving to support eLearning Brothers content, and resolved other issues related to Web Window behavior. (LD-42, LD-409)
  • Resolved error causing Lectora to crash when modifying the text block properties ribbon while still editing the text block. (LD-65)
  • Resolved error causing Lectora to crash related to the Table of Contents object. (LD-974)
  • Updated the Help button link to the correct content from the Inspire Tools tab. (LD-436)
  • Inspire Tools passwords containing a plus (+) symbol will now be accepted. (LD-615)
  • Lectora will no longer become unresponsive when downloading an object from the Inspire Tools which is named the same as an existing object in the title. (LD-603)
  • Updates to how image, shape and button effects are rendered in certain browsers, particularly Internet Explorer document mode or compatibility mode. Please check the Information Center (aka Help) for specific information on “Changing the shadowing and reflection effects.” (LD-728, LD-732, LD-759, LD-768, LD-774, LD-838, LD-839, LD-915)
  • Resolved several issues related to improper opening, closing, disabling, and docking behavior of the Inspire Tools tab. (LD-463)
  • Resolved issue causing the eLearning Brothers session to timeout/expire. (LD-542)
  • Resolved issue preventing Flash from running in Chrome browser. (LD-577)
  • Lightbox pop-ups will now work properly in Internet Explorer quirks mode. (LD-769)
  • Resolved issue causing Lectora to crash when attempting to attach a file where the path is greater than 260 characters. Typically this occurs on files with very long file names. (LD-959)


  • Resolved errors causing Lectora to crash in some situations when the on Select/Change trigger was applied. (LD-367)
  • Resolved issues causing V9 titles to lose all actions associated with buttons when opened in V12. (LD-223)
  • Actions triggered by on Done Playing will now execute when attached to the speaker icon or image icon. (LD-315)


  • Embedded images within text blocks will maintain their location when the text block is copied. (LD-700)
  • Transparent buttons within existing titles will no longer show the “Click Here” text when opened in Lectora 12.1.1. (LD-597)
  • Resolved several issues causing “ghost” images or spaces to appear within text blocks. (LD-702, LD-776)
  • Updated the Synchronize Events dialog to display all events in time order even when new events are added. (LD-819)
  • Made several improvements to how buttons created in V11 and lower are represented in V12. This includes adjusting the text size on text buttons and improving the look of rounded rectangle and elliptical buttons. (LD-773, LD-783, LD-678)
  • Improved the way text boxes with beveled borders created in V11 and lower appear in V12. (LD-368)
  • Resolved issue preventing the ampersand (&) from displaying properly within the text for buttons and shapes. (LD-715)
  • Fixed multi-line paragraph spacing option within text blocks. (LD-286)
  • Improved the handling of text blocks when they contain both a numbered list and bullets. (LD-265)
  • Improved the shifting of bullets within text blocks on most browsers. Note: They may still shift to the right by a pixel or two in Firefox and in IE7 compatibility mode. (LD-218, LD-628)
  • Buttons will be rendered once per title and will no longer be re-rendered for every page on which they are included. (LD-215)
  • Updated the Table of Contents object to be more WCAG compliant, specifically with regard to how pages and page status are announced. (LD-359)


  • Chinese characters and the Euro currency symbol (€) are now correctly recognized when either is used as part of a question’s answer choice. (LD-326, LD-764)


  • Run Mode, Publish to Offline HTML, and Publish to Offline EXE will now consistently auto-play audio files when that option is enabled. (LD-647)
  • Resolved issue causing Lectora to not publish extremely large titles to Offline EXE. (LD-919)