Lectora Online


Collaborative Online Authoring For eLearning on Any Device, Anywhere

Lectora’s powerful authoring along with real-time collaboration, automated versioning and backup, built-in workflow and project management, and integrated content management.



Lectora Online is your new favorite tool. It combines the power of Lectora’s desktop authoring solution with the freedom of cloud authoring. eLearning development just got a whole lot easier!


Your team can work together from anywhere—the office, the coffee shop or across the globe. Lectora Online keeps everyone working together and facilitates content sharing.


Easily publish your courses to any learning management system (LMS). We recommend CourseMill, but you can choose your favorite LMS and be confident your eLearning content will still be compatible.

The Interface of Your Dreams

Speed through eLearning development with the intuitive, easy-to-use interface you know and love from the desktop version of Lectora. And if you’ve never used Lectora before, don’t worry—it’s easy to get the hang of this interface!

Go mobile with Lectora Online!

Lectora Online makes adding and editing of visual effects easier than ever before. With the new Style ribbon you can add shadows and reflections to buttons, images, and text, change the fill color, gradient or picture of shapes, and stretch and point callout tails in any direction. You can even add closed captioning to audio and video files using the most popular formats! Check out all the great features. See more features.


Choose your operating system.

That’s right, you can be a Mac fan or a Windows wizard. Lectora Online even operates on Linux. Develop eLearning on the system of your choice! View tech specs.

In a hurry to get started?

We understand; we’re not very patient either. Lectora Online works in a web browser, so there’s no sitting around watching an installation progress bar inch forward. Read the FAQ for more information.


Your changes are always saved.

Forgetting to save your changes is the worst. With Lectora Online, all your work is automatically backed up to secure offsite locations (while you’re working and after you’re finished). Plus, we have a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure full recovery.


A product you can rely on.

Lectora Online is based on our flagship authoring tool Lectora, so you know you’re working with an established software. Our experienced support team is always available to answer your questions. And just in case, Lectora Online courses are compatible with Lectora on your desktop, so you can switch if you need to.


Ready to find out more?

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Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line today for a free quote!

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