Lectora Online: FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions about Lectora Online.

What is cloud authoring?

Cloud authoring is internet-based authoring. Shared resources, software and information are provided to your computer and other devices on demand, through a web browser. Lectora Online is a cloud authoring tool that lets you share resources, collaborate on course development and streamline your workflow.

What is Lectora Online and how does it differ from Lectora Publisher?

Lectora Online is a web-based solution that enables you and your selected team of users to create, manage, and store your content. It includes most of the popular creation and publishing tools from desktop Lectora, but also enables teams of users to work concurrently on a single title, without having to maintain multiple versions of it. Use Lectora Online to streamline the development of your web-based projects by assigning specific tasks to team members, tracking the completion of those tasks, updating the status of a title (for example from development to test), and making content available to reviewers without having to publish or export the title to another format.

Can I use my Lectora-desktop created titles with Lectora Online?

Yes. You can export titles created in Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher and import them into Lectora Online, and vice versa. Lectora desktop 12 and later supports these features.

What kind of published formats are supported?

Titles you create with Lectora Online can be published to the Web or to a Web-based AICC- or SCORM-conformant learning management system (SCORM 2004, 1.2, and earlier are supported). Titles that include tests and questions that are published to a learning management system (LMS) will automatically send test results to the LMS. You can also take advantage of the xAPI features of Lectora Online and publish to a Learning Record Store (LRS).

Can I create WCAG/Section 508-compliant content using Lectora?

Yes. If you intend to publish your content to the Web, you can use Lectora Online to create content that complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act that applies to Web-based Intranet and Internet Information and Applications (1194.22). Lectora Online’s integrated Accessibility Checker will help you identify objects within your title that must meet specific requirements in order to comply. Lectora Online also meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA requirements. Visit our Accessibility Support page for more information.

What is Responsive Course Design (RCD)?

RCD allows you to design and build your title for viewing on your audience's primary device (typically a desktop), and Lectora Online will automatically rescale objects to fit on tablets and smartphones in both landscape and portrait orientations. Make manual adjustments to any object to further ensure your title looks and functions perfectly on all devices.

Are academic and military discounts available?

Absolutely! Trivantis is proud to support academic and military organizations with the best eLearning software on the market. Contact Brian at 513-852-7904 to access special savings.

How can I give a reviewer or subject-matter-expert access to a title?

Reviewers can view titles that have been shared with them, but they cannot make any changes to the title. You can add as many reviewers as you want—for free!

  • To add a reviewer, click Manage Titles on the Lectora Online dashboard.
  • Select the shared title to which you want to add a reviewer.
  • If the title has not yet been shared, you must share the title before you can add a reviewer to it.
  • On the right side of the window, click the Add Reviewer button and specify the appropriate information for the reviewer.
  • The reviewer will receive an automatically delivered email notifying him or her of the request to review a title, along with login info for Lectora Online.

Note: Lectora Online titles may also be published to, and reviewed in ReviewLinkAny Lectora Online user is connected to their own ReviewLink publisher account which can have up to 10 active review projects. If you need more than 10 active projects you can upgrade your ReviewLink account.

When I am done making changes to a shared title, how do I integrate my changes?

After you have made changes to a shared title, you must check in your changes, so they’re reflected in the most recent version of the title. When you check in your changes, other users can then access the portion of the title on which you had been working. To check in your changes, select the object in the Title Explorer that is checked out. (A green square around the object icon indicates that you have the object checked out.) On the Title Explore shortcuts bar, click the Check In button or right-click on the object and select Version Control > Check In. Use the comment field to describe the changes you have made and click OK.

How do I edit a shared title?

Once a title has been shared, Lectora Online’s version control system is enabled. Because multiple users have access to the title, Lectora Online will manage the changes that are made to the title and ensure that all users are working on the most up-to-date version of it. To edit a shared title, you must check out the portion of the title you want to edit. Open the shared title and select the object in the Title Explorer that you want to edit. This can be the entire title, a chapter, a page, or even just an object like an image. On the Title Explore shortcuts bar, click the Check Out button or right-click on the object and select Version Control > Check Out. Now that you have the object checked out, you can begin working on it. When you have an object checked out, no other user will be able to edit that object.

How do I share a title with other users?
  • Select Manage Titles from the Lectora Online Getting Started dashboard to make a title accessible to other users.
  • In your My Titles folder, select the title you want to share and click the Share button.
  • Use the controls on the right side of the window to add to the list of team members that can access the title.
  • Only those team members listed will be able to access the title.
Is Lectora Online available as a behind-the-firewall solution?

Yes. You can install Lectora Online on your own cluster of servers to make it accessible within your organization’s firewall. Contact your account representative for additional information.

Is my content within Lectora Online backed up?

Yes. Your data is backed up to a storage unit nightly, in encrypted, compressed form. Data can be restored by the system administrator at the title level, the user level or for an entire organization if necessary.

What do I need to use Lectora Online?

All you need is a stable internet connection and modern web browser. Lectora Online supports Internet Explorer 10+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Can I store media such as logos, images and flash animations using Lectora Online?

Yes. You can use Lectora Online’s integrated media library to store and share media that can be added to your titles. All users within your organization can upload media objects to the media library. The media is then accessible to all users within your organization and can be quickly added to any title.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to Trivantis Vaast - our Virtual Asset and Sharing Technology solution - to host and store all of your digital assets in a central repository. Lectora Online integrates directly with Vaast so you can easily and quickly download assets directly to your title. Choose to link those assets so that you only need to update the image, audio, or video from the Vaast repository in order to update it across all of your titles. You can learn more about this content management solution here: trivantis.com/vaast.

Can I drag and drop media files into Lectora Online titles?

Yes, you can drag and drop media files from your desktop directly into Lectora Online. Files can also be dragged to and from the Media Library Organizer.

Can I publish content and media to mobile or tablet devices?

Yes. Lectora Online includes HTML5 media support, which enables media to be viewed on mobile and tablet devices. You can also customize the appearance of your title specific to the type of device and orientation using Lectora Online’s Responsive Course Design feature (RCD).

Is my content within Lectora Online secure?

Yes. Only you and the members of your private organization can access content—both media and titles—that you store within Lectora Online. All data is stored in a SQL database on a database server internal to the Lectora Online server cluster that is accessible only from the Lectora Online application server. The files are never stored directly to a disk file that can be accessed externally.

How do I change my user information such as my password or email address?

Select Account Settings in the drop-down list at the top-right corner of the Lectora Online Getting Started dashboard to access your user account information. Only the fields that are enabled can be changed. Make the appropriate changes as necessary and save.