Lectora Online 3.3.2 Release Notes

Lectora Online 3.3.2 (Service Update) Release Notes


Applied on:  

February 24, 2017


Supported Browsers:   

Internet Explorer 10+ for authoring, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge

Lectora Online 3.3.2 includes the following fixes:


Issues Fixed:



LO-4311   Index Frame Resizing on LMS not providing scrollbar or setting correct frame size resulting in content being inaccessible.
LO-4334   Keyboard space bar should activate actions for objects
LO-4355   Shared Titles - Team Access Only hides user's private titles
LO-4395   Paste Unformatted not in text editor right-click context menu
LO-4396   Shared Titles - Team Access Only hides child folders of non-root folders that contain a title where the user is on the project team.



LO-4312   Initial state of image button not displaying until mouse-over
LO-4377   SCORM with HTML5 video embeds gets clipped when run full screen


Questions, Tests, Forms







LO-4350    TypeError: Cannot Read property 'createDocumentFragement' of undefined
LO-4353   ALT and ARIA tags missing from published content