Lectora Online Release Notes 2.0.5

Lectora Online 2.0.5 (Service Update)

Applied on:  

May 30, 2015

Supported Browsers:   

Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Lectora Online 2.0.5 includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features:

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  • The Flash Command action no longer loses the name and variable targets when focus is removed from the action.
  • When the Change Contents action is triggered by an Else (unmet) condition, the replacement value list will now show the appropriate items (i.e., resources or variables) depending on the target object.
  • Page-level actions triggered by KeyStroke or AnyKey will now work properly in Page Preview and Publish modes.
  • Actions triggered on Done Playing of a media object will now work correctly on Windows PCs, even when the title is published using a Mac.


  • Inserting documents within the title now displays the correct icon and is selectable from the Title Resources right-side tab.
  • Resolved the issue causing some MP4 videos (non-h264) to play sound but not display the picture.
  • Resolved the issue which was preventing actions from being attached as a child to a text block contained within a question.
  • Resolved issue causing characters typed into an entry field to not display if an action triggered by KeyStroke or AnyKey is present on the page.
  • The Table of Contents object now allows the user to adjust its height using the mouse for all TOC types, including Drop-down List.


  • The Reset Question action now correctly sets the question’s state to “not processed”, enabling feedback actions to be executed the next time the question is processed.
  • Unanswered Number Entry questions will no longer prevent continuation in the title.
  • Resolved issues when information is submitted to Google Drive using Internet Explorer. The “Results Submitted” message will now correctly display and the results will not be submitted multiple times.
  • The Change Contents action when applied to a Likert question will now work properly in the published title.
  • Resolved error created when the first page in the title was contained within a randomized test or test section.
  • Improved the randomized page selection algorithm.
  • Users can no longer insert an object into the question group within the Title Explorer. Previously this could be done accidentally, however there was no way to remove the object since it was not recognized by the Question Creator.


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