Lectora Online 2.0.6 Release Notes

Lectora Online 2.0.6 (Service Update)

Applied on:  

June 27, 2015

Supported Browsers:   

Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Lectora Online 2.0.6 includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features:

  • Support for adding custom fonts is included with this service update. (LO-268)

Note: This is not a fully complete feature in that there is currently not a simple interface for adding custom fonts.  However, the ability to add custom fonts has been much requested. This release provides a workable solution, while we design and implement a more elegant, user-friendly solution.  For more information, please see the Information Center (aka Help) topic on “Enabling custom fonts”.



  • Deleting assignments will no longer return a transaction error, and will be removed from the assignment list. (LO-539)
  • On the Action properties ribbon, the Back and Next buttons will now scroll through the child actions of an object. Additionally, the drop-down menu will allow selecting of a specific action. (LO-588)
  • Implemented changes necessary to support email using Amazon SES email service. For our hosted solution this will set the “Reply to” field if sent from another user within Lectora Online. (LO-745)
  • xAPI activity names and descriptions in xAPI statements are now set according to how they are named/defined in the title’s publish settings. (LO-824)


  • xAPI Statement will no longer accept custom verbs that include spaces. (LO-557) 


  • Re-establish the ability to remove the underline from hyperlinks within a text block. (LO-817)


  • Hot Spot positions can now be edited and maintained on the Question Creator dialog. (LO-702)
  • You can now create Hot Spot questions containing only one hot spot. (LO-760)
  • When an action is attached to a text block contained within a question, the mouse pointer will now change to indicate it is selectable. (LO-746)
  • When Matching questions are set to “grade each choice”, using Run Action Group as feedback will no longer cause improper scoring. (LO-515)
  • Variable name changes to form elements will now be retained when the Enter key is pressed. (LO-577)
  • When changing the question type from Multiple Choice to Multiple Response, individual feedback is removed and replaced with Correct/Incorrect feedback. (LO-791)
  • Resolved some issues causing incorrect scoring of Drag & Drop questions when distractors are used.  Drag items which are not moved will store the value of “drag item name-(na)”, meaning for that drag item there was “no answer” (i.e., no drop zone selected). (LO-838)


  • No updates