Lectora Online 3.0.2 (Service Update)


Release Notes: Lectora Online 3.0.2

Lectora Online 3.0.2 (Service Update)

Applied on:  

January 15, 2016

Supported Browsers:   

Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Lectora Online 3.0.2 includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features:

There are no new features in this maintenance release.

Issues Fixed:


  • LO-1436   Page shifted to right in run mode
  • LO-1589   Secondary font type sans-serif needs to be hyphenated and unquoted
  • LO-1984   RCD - View change is refreshing the page causing actions that have already fired to reset
  • LO-1991   Non-RCD Title SCORM/Moodle on iPad has left part of course off screen
  • LO-1992   Run mode, click and drag any object is initiating a drag drop event.
  • LO-1999   RCD title within CourseMill Mobile, the window is not sized correctly on iOS
  • LO-2034   Exported package file from Lectora 16 doesn’t load in Lectora Online 3 when “Use Web Accessibility Settings” is turned on and page height is overridden on one or more views (devices).


  • LO-1912   Menu and iPad Issue causing Menu button to remain stuck in a "clicked" state
  • LO-1956   Table Of Contents-based Menu should be restricted to pages within the AU
  • LO-1964   Line Height/Width/Angle not staying consistent.
  • LO-1989   Applying Bullets or numbers prior to entering edit mode on a text block loses font.
  • LO-1998   Hyperlink actions are not completely cleared when the hyperlink is removed from text
  • LO-2031   Disallow Table of Contents at the Title level when there is one or more AUs
  • LO-2045   Library Objects with Chinese characters not importing correctly
  • LO-2067   Importing Lectora desktop package file - Table of Contents scope is imported incorrectly
  • LO-2068   Importing Lectora desktop package file - Progress Bar color set to default in RCD views
  • LO-2069   Importing Lectora desktop package file - Progress bar orientation override not imported properly


  • LO-1131   Drag Drop questions are not working on mobile devices.
  • LO-1631   Multiple choice “randomize choices” causes improper question formatting
  • LO-1943   Software allows you to create a drag and drop question with no drop zones
  • LO-1987   Form POST submit
  • LO-2004   Multiple Choice - Should not allow images as “Choices in Drop Down list”.
  • LO-2019   Question Creator opens blankin shared titles.
  • LO-2022   Snap to Center of Drop Zones value is missing in XML when exported
  • LO-2029   Cannot keep focus in form field on a smartphone


  • LO-2000/2017   Hyperlink- send email action causes red error during publish
  • LO-2002/LD-2008/LD-2014   Publish error on “Reset All Variables” action
  • LO-2003   Processing All Questions on Page causes error when publishing to SCORM
  • LO-2005   IE10/11 in compatibility mode, audio On Done Playing does not fire when controller is set to no display
  • LO-2007   RunJavaScript action causes “E5022 - XXX acts upon an object that has been deleted from the title or is no longer accessible”
  • LO-2025   Exit action intended to close a lightbox popup closes the entire course window
  • LO-2030   Move action does not work when a group is off the page
  • LO-2058   Hyperlink with Display Message action creating a blank page
  • LO-2108   “Action Page in Popup” windows shows wrong device’s content


  • LO-2042   Multiple pages named index.html causes short names to be used
  • LO-2044   Publishing with "Convert to Short Page Names" causes Go To actions to be unresolved
  • LO-1942   ReviewLink username / password changes has incorrect behavior and error message