Lectora Online 3.0.3 release notes


Release Notes: Lectora Online 3.0.3

Lectora Online 3.0.3 (Service Update)

Applied on:  

March 4, 2016

Supported Browsers:   

Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Lectora Online 3.0.3 includes the following updates and fixes:

New Features:

  • LO-2053  Update User Interface with new branding colors and icons

Issues Fixed:


  • LO-1924

  Courseware Repository Error

  • LO-2020

  Transition Fade causing Print view to be blank.

  • LO-2046

  Library Objects with Chinese characters not importing correctly

  • LO-2064

  Importing LD package file - Text block loses border

  • LO-2081

  Importing LD package file - Button Style changes when edited

  • LO-2105

  Action popup windows shows wrong devices content

  • LO-2139

  Importing LD package file - Importing Shapes causes error

  • LO-2194

  Save button will not enable for some browsers.

  • LO-2198

  Portuguese & Chinese - are loading English on login

  • LO-2206

  Inline Variable not Importing in PKG file

  • LO-2214

  Editing a line shape from Resource Manager errs

  • LO-2224

  7zip archive files not able to be attached as a folder

  • LO-2335

  Changes not being retained if user switches to run mode before saving

  • LO-2384

  Import zipped folder will not merge content into title, only replace


  • LO-419

  Letters can be entered into the Width and Height field

  • LO-679

  Events not being displayed in time order on synchronize events dialog

  • LO-1063

  Edge browser issue - Adding a table causing LO to hang

  • LO-2037

  Objects completely off page should be completely off page in smaller mobile views.

  • LO-2040

  Audio (with autostart on and display not controller) that is off page still plays

  • LO-2085

  Status Indicators do not have alt tag

  • LO-2280

  Timer transparent background displays incorrectly

  • LO-2302

  Hyperlinks in text blocks containing embedded images are not 'tab-able' in published content

  • LO-2318

  Copy and pasting HTML Extensions renames the object


  • LO-2043

  Customized Test Results do not show when viewed on an iPad

  • LO-2086

  Cannot save question point value as 0


  • LO-1896

  Add syntax highlighting to our Run JavaScript action popup dialog

  • LO-2104

  Some events synced to audio file appear to not fire

  • LO-2134

  Customer issue - actions not firing after audio play


  • LO-1421

  Titles published to ReviewLink and viewed on iPhone have horizontal scroll bars