Lectora Online 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 (Service Updates)

Lectora Online 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 (Service Updates)

Applied on:        

October 24, 2014

January 27, 2015

Supported Browsers:     

Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox, Chrome, Safari

This update is available in the following languages:



Lectora Online 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 include the following updates and fixes:

New Features:





  • Resolved several issues causing JavaScript errors
  • Variable Manager was not properly removing all unused variables
  • Resolved several Internet Explorer text issues
  • Browse button now functions properly when logged-in as non-Administrator roles
  • Home ribbon options are now available when multiple question objects are selected
  • Improved performance for exporting and printing
  • Ribbons now updated when changing languages
  • Double-clicking on a page now correctly opens Page Properties ribbon
  • Transitions now working properly in Reviewer’s Run mode
  • Changes to pre-publish error checking and messaging regarding HTML Extension objects
  • Resolved error when Reviewers log out of titles
  • Several updates to Help links and topics



  • Set Progress Bar Position action now works properly with a variable value
  • Modify Variable, Subtract From Variable now properly subtracts special characters
  • Resolved error when copying or changing an inherited or existing action
  • Go To page, Scroll to location target is now retained
  • Process Question action will now work for each attempt when forcing responses into the question variable using the Change Contents action
  • Change Contents action used on Number Entry questions no longer causes a publishing error
  • Display Message containing line breaks no longer causes JavaScript error
  • Open Attachment action will now default to opening in a new window when used within a hyperlink



  • Table of Contents object will now set focus to the parent level (i.e., section or chapter) when accessing a page contained in the section or chapter which is excluded from the Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents object will now retain background color
  • Fixed Internet Explorer error created when adding an outline to a text block
  • Text block border and outline are now retained when title is saved, closed and reopened
  • For shared titles, text edits are now retained if the title is checked-in with focus still in the active text block
  • Text blocks with embedded images no longer show a border by default in IE 10
  • Resolved a few issues with timer object, particularly some conflicts when multiple timers are on a page
  • Restored ability to access bullet and numbered list options within text blocks via right-click



  • Enabling/disabling Feedback or Attempts on ribbon no longer changes question to Immediate Feedback processing
  • Can now successfully add Instruction Text to existing/imported Likert questions
  • Resolved error when “Prompt for Student Name” is enabled for Timed tests
  • Custom Test Results now properly displays
  • Resolved incorrect scoring of answer choices containing apostrophes and other characters when copied from MS Word
  • Reinstating a deleted question via undo no longer causes the question to become corrupted
  • Test sections will now appear within the Table of Contents, if desired
  • Resolved error associated with form submission to Custom Script
  • Updated ability to Submit to Google Drive in accordance with new Google format



  • Resolved “Invalid data type error” when publishing to SCORM Cloud
  • AICC bookmarking now working properly for iPad
  • Multiple Choice, Hot Spot and Likert questions now successfully report interaction data to CourseMIll
  • Resolved other issues with test and question interaction data reporting
  • Resolved xAPI error when Assignable Unit Name contained spaces
  • Resolved other xAPI issues regarding scored tests, Student Name, and xAPI Action errors when published to non-xAPI formats
  • Resolved several issues with Publish Strings