End of Life Notice for Obsolete Software Versions

End of Life Notice for Obsolete Software Versions

January 1, 2017

Trivantis wishes to notify its users that in light of Trivantis’ release of version 17 of Lectora Publisher and Lectora Inspire, effective 30 days after the date of this notice, Trivantis will no longer provide technical or customer maintenance or support services (“Maintenance”) to users of Lectora Publisher, Lectora Inspire and Saba Publisher versions 10 and 11.  

Trivantis customers who continue to use Lectora Publisher, Lectora Inspire and Saba Publisher versions 10 and 11 and are under annual Maintenance Agreements with Trivantis that are still in effect should upgrade at once to the latest version (version 17) at no additional cost.  Version 17 offers substantially enhanced functionality and security, which you can review on this website, and this upgrade will facilitate ongoing platform compatibility for you.

As of February 1, 2017, any Trivantis users who need assistance beyond the Help functionality in the obsolete products themselves will be directed to this website for assistance: https://trivantis.com/e-learning-software-user-guides/.

This notice is consistent with Trivantis’ policy of supporting the current major version of its generally available software, plus the prior two major versions, in this instance versions 16 and 12 of the referenced Trivantis software.

As always, we value our relationship with you, and believe you will benefit in many ways from upgrading to new version 17.

Questions may be sent to info@trivantis.com.