ReviewLink 2.0


Feedback Simplified

Introducing ReviewLink™ 3.3! Draw lines, arrows, highlights, and more directly on the page to enhance your comments. ReviewLink is fully responsive, and supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 content from Lectora®, Lectora Online, Storyline®, and Captivate®.

ReviewLink 3.3 now includes the ability to mark up courses!

With ReviewLink 3.3 you can draw lines, arrows, ellipses, and highlights directly on the page to add visual enhancements to your course commenting.

Discover a Faster, Simpler, More Effective Review Process

Need to get course feedback and signoff from colleagues? ReviewLink is an online, responsive review tool that lets eLearning developers host published courses and manage feedback—all in one place.

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Get Feedback on Lectora, Captivate, or Storyline Courses

Publish eLearning content directly from Lectora and Lectora Online to ReviewLink, or upload content from Adobe Captivate® or Articulate Storyline®. Then, send email invitations to your team members, manager, or subject matter experts to review your course.

The Review Process Made Easy

When you're invited to review content on ReviewLink, it's easy to get started. You can add comments and attach files to individual pages to provide feedback.


Review Desktop and Mobile Courses

ReviewLink is responsive, so you can review mobile courses from your smartphone or tablet, along with desktop courses.

Share courses with unlimited reviewers – Reviewers are free and simply log in through a web browser to leave feedback.

Collect feedback through comments –  Reviewers use Comments to add feedback and attach files to individual pages. Each comment has a status to track its progress: New, Fixed, OK, Not OK, Archived.

Manage feedback –  Filter, sort, and search a list of all comments, or Export comments to a PDF or CSV file to work offline.

Manage reviewers –  Import users and manage reviewers with groups.

Stay informed –  Track Activity through Email Notifications.

Work globally –  ReviewLink is available in 7 languages.




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