Known Issues

Lectora Desktop currently has the following known issues:

All issues are current as of 4/3/2017

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Resolved in release 17.0
Resolved in release 17.0

Audio and Video controllers not appearing correctly in Run and Preview modes

  • Print Current Page action will only print one page in Firefox
  • Actions tied to event flags at the end of audio/video do not fire
  • OnDone Action does not fire with .WAV files on IE
  • m4a Does not play in Awesomium (RUN MODE/PREVIEW)
  • "Set character pose actions change your character if you used the properties to select a new one.
    Work around: reselect the New Pose for the action"
  • Events in WMA audio do not fire
  • Text that contains certain characters within it displays in the Question Creator, but will not display on the page in Edit mode or when published
  • Portuguese audio does not function in run or preview mode
  • Unable to import Flash files on French language
  • The loading of pages in Run mode and Preview mode in v12 and v16 is very slow as compared to v11. Several enhancements have been made to improve this.
  • After doing a "SaveAs" the Publish->HTML Destination Folder is not updated
  • SCORM option "Launch in a Separate Window" has no affect
  • When Publishing to Offline in zipped mode the replace icon option doesn't work
  • Variable names allow special characters which causes JavaScripts when run on a browser
  • Pages with lots of text render slowly in build view
  • Lectora crashing when doing M4A to MP3 conversion
  • Text alignment doesn't always import from PPT
  • Android : Exiting full screen when in landscape causes the page to zoom in
  • The time for an event from a LO package file comes in as zero
  • When Publish for Seamless Play is used, some scripts which count individual page visits are incorrectly incrementing
  • RCD content not sizing correctly on devices
  • Enabling Custom Radio Buttons and Checkboxes through Preferences will override the Web Accessibility Settings, which should disable this feature
  • Fade transition on form objects causes objects to never display
  • When video is viewed full-screen on iOS devices the device's default skin is used. Lectora does not have control.
  • Table-of-Contents Progress Bar with test section scope always stays blank if any pages are excluded
  • Underline doesn't work on Listboxes in Run and Preview modes
  • Random Transition doesn't load the full RSS Feed
  • Some v11 button fonts are not converting well to v12/v16
  • Float & Fade in/out transitions in IE 8 leaves text "fuzzy"
  • In lower views with an image and text block, with text wrapping turned on, the text block is not growing as it should when the text block is full
  • Float Up/Down with Sudden/Steady In Effect, on shapes and images with reflections shifts the object
  • Undo after editing a QR code updates the properties, but the QR code does not change
  • TOC does not resize correctly when a resize action is used.
  • With text scaling applied, while editing a text block scale shows 100% size
  • TOC Menu won't change pages if menu has a transition and the title has a chapter
  • RCD: Cropped images and Overriden resources don't work
  • WMA audio won’t play if publishing with “Protect content” unless speaker icon is used
  • Existing Likert questions saved within library objects or imported from package files will not be converted to single question format.
  • Multiple Choice question choice text is slightly misaligned in Preview and Publish modes
  • Duplicate reserved variable names are being created when you copy a test
  • Page Count on a Test wraps to next line when viewed in PhonePortrait
  • Randomized test section prevents score value to be set in course variable/passed to LMS
  • Seamless Player: Web widgets are not cleaning up correctly
  • Seamless Player: Problems publishing multiple AUs to ReviewLink
  • Seamless Player: Screen reader issues