Lectora Online Known Issues

Lectora Online currently has the following known issues:

All issues are current as of 9/26/2016

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Resolved in Release 3.1, implemented 5/25/2016
Resolved in Release 3.1, implemented 5/25/2016
  • Library objects created from a RCD title will not import into a non-RCD title
  • In a RCD title, when dragging an object off the page in a mobile view, and then switching to Run Mode the page is off-centered.
  • Repeated keyboard pasting text locks up browser
  • RCD library objects imported into non-RCD title return error, do not import
  • Page off centered in run mode after dragging object off page in Edit mode
  • Editing HTML extension within pop-out editor breaks script
  • Audio doesn't stop playing after you exit run mode
  • Importing Lectora desktop package file - Text block loses border
  • Copy and pasting HTML Extensions renames the object
  • Changes not being retained if user switches to run mode before saving
  • Audio with no controller, that is in a group, will prevent page from loading in Preview and Publish Preview.
  • Menus with status indicators, that are saved as library objects, lose the 'in progress' and 'not started' images upon import to another title. The complete image does not get lost.
  • When running the Edge browser the first time you enter text into a text block the cursor keeps returning to the beginning of the line.
  • Audio player controls getting cut off
  • Status indicator images in menus not retained if saved as library object
  • Timer transparent background displays incorrectly
  • Actions not firing after audio play
  • Mute/Unmute actions not working
  • Events not being displayed in time order on synchronize events dialog
  • Customized test results are disabled when your title type is Responsive
  • Random test sections deleting pages issue
  • Likert not updating some properties from edit question
  • Cannot save question point value as 0
  • XML tags are repeating when questions are saved (likert is the severe case)
  • Changing question variables do not trigger save 
  • Hyperlinks in text blocks are not 'tab-able' in published content
  • Pixlr editor crashes system when user is connected via https.
  • User may receive a 1003: Web remoting error where in the details you see "Empty Repsonse". We have seen that this error in some poor network conditions or with some corporate firewalls. It is sometimes corrected by using https to connect to the server, if you have https enabled, or by using a different browser. We also have seen using the browser in private, incognito, or safe mode (depending on the browser) will solve this issue. We are exploring ways for us to handle these connectivity problems.
  • Table of Contents is not handling random tests/test sections properly. If a randomized test or test section is included in the TOC the title will not publish successfully. Workaround: Remove (deselect) the randomized test/test section from the Included Pages.
  • In a RCD title, if you insert a text block into a mobile view and then add text that includes line breaks, when you switch back to desktop view and then back to the mobile view the text block will have an increased height.
  • Copying text in a title that has a background set at the plate level will cause the background color to be inserted into the copied text. This is seen when pasting the text. This is a problem with Chrome and Safari on Mac. Workaround: Paste using Ctrl+Shift+V or if you have already pasted the text select / cut / and then re-paste using Ctrl+Shift+V.
  • In a RCD title that has a theme applied when changing the image for a button in a mobile view the new image is replaced with the old image once you navigate away.